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How to Exchange CG BE Key Points to Token for CGDI MB Password Calculation.

Every CG BE key comes with free 200 points.Every 200 points can be exchange to 1 Token for CGDI Prog MB passwrod online calculation

CGDI CG MB BE KEY pro support All Mercedes FBS3 315MHZ/433MHZ

But how to exchange points to tokens ?

Step 1: Step 1: In CG BM Monster Software, Select “Key Points”

Step 2: Insert the BE Key into MB Monster

Step 3: Go to Online Store and Click Key Check,it will show” Key Point not collected”

Step 4:Click” Collect Points” and success message appeared

Step 5:Click “Credits exchange” and it will ask for” do you want to exchange converted”?

Step 6: Click”Yes” and the exchange will be finished.

How to assemble the case with CGDI MB BE Key PCB?

How to assemble the case with CGDI MB BE Key PCB?

Here we share how to assemble CGDI MB BE Key with Smart Key Shell 3 Button for Mercedes Benz

1.Put the CGDI MB Be Key PCB into the case.

2.Cover the bottom case

3.Insert the battery and cover the case.

4.Push the metal strips on both sides into the right position.
If the rear metal component is first assembled, then the metal strips on both sides won’t be able to pushed into the right position.

5.Here rearmetal button.

6.Put into the small key and start button.

If you want to disassemble the case, please do it from the last step to the first step.

for more information about CGDI CG MB BE Key Pro ,please click following link



This article is to share the newest info of CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Key Programmer. Include latest update info, FEM/ BDC operation notes.

CGDI BMW Earth-shaking Update (June 11th, 2019)
1.Add BMW E-series iDrive Coding

2.Add BMW Diagnosis and support BMW E/ F/ G series DTC reading and clearing.

Note: CGDI prog BMW diagnostic function can free open and upgrade。

Learn more update info as below
CGDI Prog BMW V2.6.0 Update (March 5th, 2019)
1Added: EWS1-3 key matching function
2The E-code is modified to modify the VO code function, and the VO code can be added or deleted directly by the selection method, and the operation is simpler.
3The BMW data modification adds support for both N13 and N55 engine data.

BMW FEM/ BDC Operation Notes
FEM/BDC installation location

CGDI Key Programmer is a powerful auto key programmer,and this blog tech support for CGDI Key Programmer:CGDI Prog BMW MSV80,CGDI Prog Benz,and CGDI car list,update and all kinds of useful info.

Chips Operation location Display
95128 IC location

95256 IC location

Key learning position

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5a080ba3b5.jpg



  1. Which models does the OBD repair mileage support? —–>
  2. Which model support OBD read gateway ? —–>
  3. How does the CGDI MB repair mileage ? —–>
  4. Read and save the EE and FL data of the gateway
  5. Mileage repair (load gateway data if prompted)
  6. Enter your target mileage

CGDI MB W211 original key hopping code repair

what’s hopping code ?

Hopping code: Most of the keys are too fast to be inserted
and removed, and the track code does not roll, resulting in
code hopping, so that the key and the lock cannot be
matched properly.

Use Mercedes monster to repair, the specific operation is as follows:

  1. First you need a key password.
  2. Calculate the track code of the key.
  3. Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.
  4. Calculate the erase password and erase the it.
  5. Load the EIS data with the password.
  6. Click “Allow modification of data.”
  7. Change the track code of the key position to the track code of the
  8. Write data.
  9. Learning key

Need to use the tool below

  1. First you need a key password, If there are no keys, you can calculate the password by doing all key lost.

2.Calculate the track code of the key, click to read the key/chip and read the
current information of the key.

3.Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.

4.Calculate the erase password and erase the lock, let us get the
erase password first.

5.Click on the load EIS data saved before with the password.

6.Click “Allow data modification”.

7.Modify the track code of the key position to the track code of the key

8.Write the EIS data

Insert the key Wait 1-5 seconds, the ELV responds, the EIS
activates successfully, and the key learns successfully.

Support the key to read and write, you can directly re-match
K-line EIS do not support this repair method.

How to Active CGDI MB Benz ?

Here is the steps to tell how to active CGDI MB Benz

Step1:Click “Online Store”

2.Step2:Select Service Version according to your actual needs.

Step3:Please Note: It can not changed it once the version is selected,please choose it carefully.

Le programmeur BMW MSV80 de l’ICDG est maintenant mis à jour à la V2.4.0

Le programmeur BMW MSV80 de l’ICDG est maintenant mis à jour à la V2.4.0

Version: [2.4.0]
1. New: BMW data modification function: support CAS3/3+ data modification VIN, ISN, support CAS4/4+ data VIN, ISN modification, support N20 data VIN, ISN modification.
2. BMW F/G series programming: support automatic code setting after programming; repair some problems of instrument programming failure; repair some EPS programming failure problems; repair ECU list display error.
3. CAS mileage reset: fix the problem of partial version programming failure.
4. Firmware upgrade: Improve USB communication performance.

V2.2.0 Programmeur clé BMW CGDI pour les étapes de correspondance clés FEM / EDC

V2.2.0 Programmeur clé BMW CGDI pour les étapes de correspondance clés FEM / EDC

1.Copy key with key
2.Copy key without key

Open the car door, OBD
connects the vehicle and
equipment, the vehicle
maintains voltage above 12v ,
do not turn off the computer
screen during operation.


Select “FEM/BDC key match” and click enter


Connect successfully, maintain enough voltage, click “yes”


Need to disassemble the module, read EEPROM data, FEM is 95128


FEM module installation location


Use CG-100 to read
out 95128 IC data and
save the data


Remove the 95128 chip, wash it, and clip it to the ATMEGA adapter


Open the CG-100 to read the data and save it


Go back to cg-di and load the data


Load successfully, save the new data generated by the system


Write back new data with cg-100, weld back to module, and click next


Waiting for programming


After programming, write back 95128 original data,
put FEM into the car again, and click next


Use CG-100 to write back 95128 original data


When finished, click “next”


Set code successfully, customers can do any operation

                                                            Copy key with key


choose the unused key, and click “generate the dealer key”


Read working key,click Next


Read successfully and display information


Match the new key


The new key matched successfully

                                      Copy key without key

Using CG – 100
Read the engine data


Click to enter “ECU”


Click on the engine model option to enter the current vehicle


According to the software physical wiring diagram wiring


Physical connection


Click read EEPROM


Read successfully and save the data


Show ISN and VIN


Return to cg-di, select unused key bits, and click “generate dealer keys”


Click on the next item that you select and click next
(Manually input known ISN)


Check the information and click ok


Place new key


New key programming success