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VXDIAG VCX NANO Review on Ford Fiesta 2006 Program Spare Key

VXDIAG VCX NANO Review on Ford Fiesta 2006 Program Spare Key


I had received the VXDIAG Ford in 3 days after making order , so not bad

To start with the software installation can be a little problematic to the
point i installed up to V96 only.
However as i am using on 2006 Fiesta it more than adequate for my needs

I purchased the device because i need to program key to the vehicle PATS system
as i oly had one key when i bought the car and really want a spare in case of
loss or damage

VCX NANO was able to delete all old keys from the system then add 2 new keys
i was there i did some software updates on the PCM.

Honestly it is really a good device and works perfectly once you get over the software issue

A bit of advice with the software is use virtual machine(its easier to delete and start again)
and follow video guides found on Youtube

Here is a quick guide for my success
Use virtual machine installer found on CD V100,install VM then create a VM
Then on the virtual machine install calibration from V81 CD
Install V91 from V100 CD and reboot without opening software.
Once rebooted open software and agree to 3 day license,enter any details
Close software and install V96 and reboot with opening
Once rebooted you can open software
Install software on CD V100 for the VX device
At this point i just installed deep freeze found on CD V100

Hope my review helps

VXDIAG VCX NANO FordECU Programming: 100% Success

This is Ford IDS Online Programming Service, incl. how to register an programming account , what kind of Ford diagnostic tool should use and how to use it for Ford ECU programming online. Hope this write-up helps.

I am using VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford, AllScanner

Go to J2534 Programming

Http:// FORD Motorcraft Service

The official site to register my account


Online programming account only

Have good success on 2005 Ford Escape 3.0 V6

PCM programming online zero issues!!!

P.S, tips i followed:


scope & scan scopes PCM Ford PCM vehicle diagnostics repair shop training technician training automotive aftermarket

Programming Ford electronic control units (ECUs) is pretty straightforward and simple compared to many other OEMs. However, Ford does do one thing differently than most other OEMs. The normal Ford programming procedure has you “inhale” (read and store) the As Built data from the old ECU to the scan tool so that these As Built vehicle specific production and calibration details can then be transferred to a new, remanufactured or salvaged ECU you are installing.

A complication arises when you are attempting to replace an ECU that is dead or not communicating with the scan tool or programming device. In this instance, you are going to have to use a different method of telling the replacement ECU what the needed As Built data information should be. The Ford recommended procedure for this is stated as:

“Programmable Module Installation (PMI) must be performed when replacing module. If the information cannot be inhaled from the original module, As-built data must be used to properly configure module”

This procedure requires purchasing a per use subscription for all ECUs, except the PCM, from the Ford Motorcraft website, Once purchased you use the vehicle identification number (VIN) to acquire the As Built data for the particular ECU you are replacing. This As Built data is actually multiple lines of hexadecimal numbers entered into dialogue boxes in the programming software. We will describe this process for Ford ECUs in next month’s column. For this months column we will describe a quicker method than acquiring the As Built hex info to install a replacement powertrain control module (PCM) in a Ford vehicle where the old PCM is damaged and not communicating. All we need do is tell a little white lie to the scan tool or programming device!

To accomplish this trick, connect your Ford diagnostic toolor Flash programming device to the diagnostic link connector (DLC). Leave the ignition key in the OFF position. While the key is off, attempt to connect with the vehicle using your tool’s software. The programming software will show a status bar for 45 seconds while it attempts communication with the vehicle. Of course, the communication attempt will fail because the key is off! It will then ask you to turn the key off and on again as it again attempts to communicate with the vehicle. After this process completes the software will ask you if you want to make another attempt. Choose no to this query.

You are then asked to choose from a list of vehicles to communicate with. Typically, your choice on this page will be “all other” shown on the top of the list as the rest of the list are non-domestic vehicle models


The software will explain that you must provide some numbers from the actual ID label on the old PCM in order for the software to identify the vehicle you intend to communicate with. Use the actual PCM’s label shown here if Figure 1 to gain the information you need. As you can see in screen shot shown in Figure 2, there are three sets of data fields you can use. You need only use one of these data fields to get the job done. I use the Tear Tag number because it is the easiest. In our example, we take the YPZ2 shown on the PCM label in figure 1 and type it into the Tear Tag data field as shown in Figure 2.


The next screen shown will ask you to enter the VIN and mileage. This VIN information is important if your state has an OBDII inspection program requiring a VIN read from the DLC for positive vehicle identification purposes so do not skip this step.

Once the vehicle is properly identified as shown in Figure 3, you can use the normal PCM replace and program procedure. You may be asked to provide a couple of other pieces of information like tire size or whether the vehicle has four-wheel drive or not.


VXDIAG A3 for BMW JLR VAG replacement of BMW ICOM,JLR SDD and VAS 5054A OIS

Here comes brand-new ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 3 in 1 diagnostic scanner for BMW,JLR and VW
to fully replace BMW ICOM ISTA,JLR Mongoose and VAS 5054A.
It supports DOIP protocol for latest BMW F series,Jaguar,Land rover and Volkswagen.



What’s new about VXDIAG A3 Tool for BMW ?

ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 can fully replace BMW ICOM A1,A2,A3!
1.VXDIAG A3 support all BMW E,F,G Series diagnosis,programming and coding

2.You can run VXDIAG A3 with all BMW programming and diagnostic software like
ISTA-D,ISTA-P,E-Sys,INPA,WINKFP,Tool32,NCS-Expert tool,etc.

3.You can use VXDIAG A3 to do many BMW personalized setting and active hidden features on your bmw.

VXDIAG A3 for BMW Function Introduction
The new BMW software can perform programming and coding for all BMW E/ F/ G series cars. Same as BMW ICOM A1 / A2 / A3, ALLSCANNER VXDIAG A3 supports all BMW software and is good at fiber programming.

The main diagnostic software includes:

BMW ISTA-D (Diagnostic);

BMW ISTA-P (Programming)

BMW Group ISPI (the fourth generation of BMW diagnostic software client);

E-SYS (Engineer Software for F series, available for programming, coding, Chinesization, realize hidden functions, advanced features);

WINKFP (for E series: programming, upgrade and downgrade);

Tool32 (enter key, import codes, delete certification, advanced features of BMW series);

INPA (read vehicle information, diagnosis, read and clear trouble codes);

BMW Coding (for E series: import data, change the code or realize hidden functions);

KSD2 (offer full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming);

NCS-Expert Tool (for E series: set codes, realize hidden functions and change settings);

BMW software includes the engineer version, which is the quick and easy diagnostic programming and coding system that German BMW engineers are using.

The system is designed in English and German.

The Engineer Version is so practical and powerful that it can achieve professional features which all the original professional computers can realize, can change the language into Chinese through the OBD port for import cars (Europe regulation cars, the United States and the United States, Africa, etc.). Features mainly include: diagnosis, programming (incl. programming one module only), coding, realize hidden function, new features activation, the module system update.

BMW Software Version:

Diagnosis: ISTA-D v40.01.21,

Programming: ISTA-P v3.59.4.004

Following functions can be activated based on the existing configuration model

01 use the button in the cab to close the trunk (electric tailgate), to terminate the reverse operation at any time (available in cars with the electric tailgate)
02 activate the Bluetooth phone function, to automatically play the music inside the phone every time you start the car. (Available in models with a USB port in the armrest box or gear)
03 support audio and video playback via USB cable as well as via iPod.
04 connect to the phone through the Wi-Fi (mobile phones are required to install software)
05 open the voice recognition function (currently only available in English digital telephone dialing)
06 operate the navigation menu when driving, watch DVD (Even the original car is available with CD, you can also watch DVD)
07 Active internet applications (available in post 2012.09 models with professional navigation, but some unsupported with unclear reasons)
08 immediately fold the rear-view mirror with the remote control (for the original car, owners need to press the lock key for 1.5 seconds)
09 activate gearbox program on the sport cars, at a quicker response for speeding up. But it will cause fault codes in ECU test in the 4S shop. (NOT recommended)
10 effectively prevent rear-end collision because brake lights flash quickly when braking severely (for 3 Series 5 Series, testing)
11 use mobile phone traffic to surf the Internet on iDrive via the phone Bluetooth (not tested yet)
12 adjust the warning speed of changing a lane (available in high-end cars with the rearview mirror with the dead angle warning indicator) (not tested yet)
13 automatically released the handbrake (parking button) when the vehicle is started (testing)
14 add the lane departure system and roadside warning identification function (available in optional cars with front cameras) (not tested yet)
15 L7 around Sound Pro

Personalized Customization

1. Set Seat Belt Alarm time (second/sec)

2. Disable passenger Seat Belt Alarm
3. Disable driver Seat Belt Alarm
4. Set the engine on/off status the same as that before the ignition off or the default status off.
5. Set the central lock automatically unlock when ignition off
6. Set Fuel Economy Mode as default mode after ignition on
7. Enable roll up window when open car door
8. Enable the option of DRL (Day Running Lights) on or off.
9. Set Highlight auxiliary and intersection traffic light “Automatic”
10. Enable to adjust DRL brightness (the default factory setting is brightest)
11. Set fog light turn on while headlight is on
12. Enable to Lock/Unlock sound and adjust the volume
13. Enable auto close sunroof when raining (May lead to initialize sunroof, it will work only after ignition on for 10 seconds, not very effective.)
14. Set windshield wiper Back in place when ignition off
15. Set sunroof automatically close in a tilted state (It needs to initialize sunroof)
16. Set the turn signal light on/off times (F30)
17. Enable CIC menu display CI version
18. Three Bluetooth phone rings available
19. Enlarge phone number and text storage (25 to 50)

A/C (Automatic Air Conditioning)

20. Set indoor internal circulation memory the same as that when the ignition off last time.
21. Set air conditioning memory the same as that when ignition off last time.
22. Display engine output power and torque on navigation screen
23. Cancel home screen boot delay confirm message
24. Cancel rear view camera statement when reversing
25. Display available gas station on navigation
26. Display speed limit info (Need hardware support)
27. Display engine torque menu
28. Auto headlight
29. TPMS
30. Display tire pressure and temperature (Need hardware support)
31. Adjust mile to kilometer
33. GPS time synchronization
34. Dashboard stimulate instant fuel consumption: change from 20 to 30
35. Enable dashboard light on always
36. Enable dashboard light always on at night (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
37. Enable dashboard light always on at daytime (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
38. Enable dashboard lights turn grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
39. Enable dashboard lights turn orange or grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
40. DS Mode display current shift from S1 to S7
41. Set Head-Up Display (Navigation map distance and turn signal, etc.) (Need hardware support)
42 PDC reversing radar is changed vertically and horizontally

ALLSCANNER Cloud diagnostics Installation Step

ALLSCANNER Cloud diagnostics Installation Step

Note:Recommended using Microsoft WIN7 or
more of the system. Computers are required to
install the Microsoft IE11 browser or Google.
Android and IOS systems are not supported
for the time being。
1.Installation of ALLSCANNER device driver
management“VX MANAGER”;



Here nothing to choose, directly point “NEXT”
go down




2.Connected to the diagnostic equipment, the
computer automatically install the driver


3.The driver installed after open the “VX MANAGER”,
select the top menu VX CLOUD”;


Point open “start cloud diagnostics” will automatically
open the default browser, enter the cloud diagnostics

page, enter the dealer to the account and password;



4.Select the required models in the main interface


Select “Open Cloud diagnostics” and enter the cloud
server(Note: to enter the cloud server must be
connected to the device);






5.Open diagnostic software for vehicle diagnosis




VXDIAG New Released 5054A Wifi Version

Recently, VXDIAG company released a new 5054A.

It is wifi version with newest software V3.03(standard configuration)

And it is 71EUR free shipping worldwide.

But there is no CD in the package, we can offer software link to download the software.


How is the description ?
VXDIAG VCX NANO is an OEM diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group It can be compatible with OEM software of ODIS.
Why should get one ? 
1. Instead of OEM tool of VAS 5054A
2. Support UDS Protocol
3.Multi-languages: English/Japanese/Portuguese/Romanian/Korean/Dutch/Polish/Turkish/Spanish/ French/Italian/Croatian/Danish/German/Swedish/Finnish/Slovenian/Czech/Russian/Greek/Chinese
4. Supported Car Models: VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT Bentley and Lamborghini
5. Update from download weblink
6. Support WIFI/USB Connection
Compatible Windows System
Windows System Language: American English
WIN 7 32 bits/WIN 7 64 bits
System C: // have to be NTFS format
C: // need to have at least 40GB space for installing ODIS
For more informations,pls visit the following link
Or contact on WhatsAPP: +8613437108384

How to solve license not valid or ask license for VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda 2 in 1?

How to solve license not valid or ask license for VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda 2 in 1?

VXDIAG VCX NANO is an OEM diagnostic interface for the vehicles of Ford and Mazda. It can be compatible with OEM software of Ford IDS and Mazda IDS.

Some our customers open the VXDIAG NANO IDS Ford V96 software he installed, and get license not valid prompt. Another one software ask for license when software opened. For this problem, do not worry.

Solution: Just change the date and time(time zone) setting of master laptop to UTC+08:00 Beijing, ChongQin—-, then to click OK
After that , it will be ok to run VMWare for FORD IDS.

More wanted to know, click:

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool 4 in 1 for TOTOYA V10.10.018/Honda V3.014/Ford and Mazda V95.03/JLR V142 Online!

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool 4 in 1 for TOTOYA V10.10.018/Honda V3.014/Ford and Mazda V95.03/JLR V142 Online!

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool 4 in 1 can support 4 softwares in one device. You can use it to do Toyota, Honda, Ford, Mazda, JLR cars without changing tools. At the same time, you can see that the VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool 4 in 1 softwares version are the newest.

Why to buy Allscanner VXDIAG Multi Scanner?

1.It is the only device that support 4 brand in one device, with CD software which works with laptop.
2.It is most poweful scanner for Ford and Mazda, Latest Software Version V95.03
3. Package come with free JLR software V142, which support Jaguar and LandRover after 2005 year.
4. Keep update software to buy a new CD update directly.

VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool 4 in 1 Package Display: