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Xtuner Scanner Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for XTUNER Scanners:

Q: How to activate the product?

A: After installing the product client, enter the IDUTEX store, enter the serial number and password, and then activate it according to the activation prompt.

Q: What is the pairing code when the product is paired with Bluetooth?

A: The Bluetooth pairing code is generally 1234 or 0000.

Q: Forgot login serial number and password when logging in with a new device?

A: The customer can see the serial number through the bottom of the hardware or hardware box, and then use the “recover password” function to retrieve the product login password.

Q: The mailbox does not receive the activation link?

A: When filling in the email information, please pay attention to whether the email is filled in correctly and whether the email is still in use.

Q: How can I view the functions supported by the diagnostic vehicle?

A: Enter the diagnosis model selection interface, click [detail] or [! ] button.

Q: Forgot your password when logging in?

A: Use the latest client to retrieve the product login password through the “Recover Password” function.

Q: Driver installation failed?

A: The problem of the driver, due to the official driver of the compatibility issues, if the individual computer fails to install, it is recommended that customers use third-party drive housekeeper to search for drivers to install, such as driver wizard. Automatically match the applicable version can be.

Q: After switching other languages, why did the previously downloaded models disappear?

A: After switching languages, it is necessary to re-download models.

Q: Failed to download the car?

A: Please download the model when the network is connected and in good condition.

Q: How to switch languages?

A: Switch your desired language in Setting-Language.

Q: I have purchased the product hardware. How do I get the product software?

A: Please log in to IDUTEX official website to download the software installation package.

Q: The serial number and password do not match during login?

A: It is recommended that customers check the following: 1. If the password contains “0”, please note that “0” is the Arabic number 0, not the letter O. 2. Update the client to the latest version. 3. Make sure the network is connected.

Q: Will it work with Volvo Truck and Caterpillar marine model?

A: Yes, it can support Asian,European,USA more than 30 brands truck support.

Q: What’s inside the Expert Service System ?

A: Right Now there’re 14 cars supported the ESS, it can modify your ECU programming data, change the door or Cooling Fan speed, adjust Seat Positions, way more programming to ECU you can do.

Q: Does it read and clear ABS Airbag Adblue errors?

A: Yes,this device support full function diagnostic for Truck.

Q: Does is support Russian language?

A: Yes,it has released more language,like Spanisn,French,German,Dutch,Polish,Portuguese,Arabic ect.

Q: How to update my machine ?

A: This is very smart diagnostic System, it will automatically detect newest version when you launch softwares, and by ‘one-click’ it will automatically update and restart by itself.

Q: Does it free update online free?

A: Yes,Lifelong free update on official page.

Q: Does my car support this system ?

A: You may check the car list above, this Diagnosis System supports over 75 cars makes, even including Malaysian Cars, Indonesian car makes. I’m sure your car will be supported. Diagnosis System support the latest up to 2018 year cars, and you will see Diagnosis System is updating frequently, and now it’s all FREE.

Bestseller en France AURO Otosys IM600 et IM100

Bestseller en France AURO Otosys IM600 et IM100

AURO IM600 1875EUR by DHL

AURO IM100 791EUR by DHL

Les deux sont avec une mise à jour gratuite d’un an

Une couverture étendue des véhicules pour plus de 80 marques de véhicules américaines, asiatiques et européennes

Si vous avez un intérêt, s’il vous plaît contactez-moi avec un meilleur prix

Lonsdor K518ISE Test OK Report

Some of our customers always confused that my car is on the list but why some functions can not work. Is there any real test report from other buyers.

Here is the list for the real test report

Lonsdor K518ISE Test OK Report:

2009 Ford Focus
2011 Ford F150
2011 Jeep Liberty via compass
2015 Dodge Caravan
2014 Dodge Journey
2004 VW Jetta
2005 Honda Civic
2015 Ford Focus
2017 Honda Civic push start
2017 Mazda 3 prox no code needed
2017 Ford C-max via focus
2012 Ford Focus by pass
13 Honda Accord remote head key
2013 Mazda 6 prox under new M6
10 Nissan Altima Puss to start
2014 Nissan Rogue new 20 digit
2004 Cadillac CTS
2016 Honda Odyssey – prox
2007 Peugeot 307
2008 Subaru Outback AKL
2009 Toyota Camry
06 BMW 5-series cas2
2008 Chrysler 300
2007 Renault megane2
2016 Dodge Caravan
06 F150
2012 Mazda 3 Prox
2009 Chrysler 300
2012 Ford F-250-
2014 Ford Fiesta No 10 min wait!
2014 Chrysler Town & Country
2013 Honda Civic
2010 Jeep Patriot
2013 Ford F150
10 Ford Mustang under Kuga by pass
2010 Chevy silvera do
2008 Lexus IS250 (Under IS300)
2013 Mazda 3
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2006 Subaru Forester remote
2012 Nissan Sentra
2010 GMC Acadia key and remote
2010 Mountaineer
2015 Kia Optima remote
14 Chevy camaro rea pin number type5
2007 Ford Taurus under explorer 2007
2016 Ford F150 Prox
2017 nv200
2003 Mitsubishi eclipse
2006 Chrysler 300
2016 Honda Civic turn key
2013 Nissan Rogue
2016 Ford Taurus prox
2013 Dodge Caravan
208 Toyota Camry
2016 Hyundai Elantra
2010 Mercury Mountaineer
2012 Nissan Versa
2008 Honda CR-V
2016 Nissan Rogue
2010 Chevy Malibu
Test in vw amarok, program key done, kms done !
mini cas3 done, all key lost bmw 540 cas2 japon model done. volvo xc60 done
reset G immobox done, immobox vw read pincode ok but no program key ​​​​​​
2005 Renault Scenic 3 button card key. Key was coded within 1 minute without the need to enter a pin code.
2007 Suburu Impreza. ID62 chip coded using System 1
2007 Nissan Qashqai. took me 5 minutes to code remote key. Would have taken less if I didn’t have to go through the different systems before device communicated properly. The pin was automatically generated and entered buy device. see photo
All European Cars

CGDI MB Update (2018-03-13)

CGDI MB Update (2018-03-13)

    1. Add ELV repair function, including: enable ELV, virgin ELV (repair damage ELV chip)
    2. Add the function of BE key to save file directly
    3. Add W205, W218,W166 FBS4 EIS type detection
    4. Add save EIS data format flags.
    5. Fixed the problem of part of the ECU,TCU,ISM/DSM/ESM cannot erase

VVDI2 dernière mise à jour du logiciel V5.3.0

VVDI2 dernière mise à jour du logiciel V5.3.0

************************************************* *********************
*** 2018-03-22
*** Require firmware V5.2.5
************************************************* *********************
===== VAG V5.3.0 =====
1. Improvement for prepare MQB dealer key
2. Improvement for MQB keyless GO key learning
3. Improvement for BCM2 dump tool
4. Support write immodata for Audi RB8 type
5. Bgufix for customer request in diagnostic unit
6. Bugfix for MED17/EDC17 online decode PIN/CS
7. Bugfix
===== BMW V5.3.0 =====
1. Improvement for FEM/BDC key learn
1. Bugfix
===== Porsche V5.3.0 =====
1. Support porsche 911,997, boxster 987 keylearn: Menu->Key Learn->Transponder Key – 911,987, Boxster 987, Cayman
2. Bugfix
===== PSA V5.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V5.3.0 =====
1. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix for Asia->Suzuki->SX4->2006 93C56
2. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix for America->Jeep->Laredo->2008 uPD70F
3. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix for Euro->Fiat->Grand Punto->93C86
4. Bugfix
===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V5.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== J2534 V5.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Online Upate Tool V5.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Quick Start V5.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix!zp5xzZaQ!jlaj4a3qKpc5PKTY5eJ1_3r4v8RhgHhvKO5qsIImVR4

Lonsdor K518ISE K518 Key Programmer Avis de mise à jour gratuit

Free Update[March 21, 2018]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\ASX
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Diamonte
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Eclipse
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Eclipse[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Endeavor
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Endeavor[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\EVO
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Galant
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Galant[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Lancer
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Lancer[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Montero
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Montero[CAN]\2007
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander(2013)
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander\Pajero\v97\v98
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander\Rvr\2012
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\3000gt
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\ASX
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Carisma
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Colt Lander
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Eclipse
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\EVO
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Galant Wagon
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Galant\1996-2004
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Grandis
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\I-miev
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L200
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L200[CAN]\2011-
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L400
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer Sportback
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer Wagon
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer EX
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Magunm
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Mirage\2013
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Outlander[CAN]
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Outlander
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Pajero PININ
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Pajero\1999-2006
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Shogun
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\sigma
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Space Wagon

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Xtool Series Registration and Activation Steps

Some of our customer usually asked when i got Xtool X100 PAD or Xtool X100 PAD2 how do i  use it ? Is there any manual or instruction for these tools .

Here is the steps to show how to register and active

Firstly open your package, there is a paper marked “Serial Number ” and “Password”


When you register the device, serial number and Activation code is important, so keep this paper well

Second ,power the device and start it. Click “Update” Then you will go to Update page

Enter the information needed and click”Update


After finish the “Update” , it will ask for “activation code”



Enter the verification code and finish the process


And then back to the main page and click “Update” button and update software





Please update the software one by one, do not updating all software at the same time

Next, check and match the Bluetooth


Click”Bluetooth” button



Please make sure the serial number is the same with the paper you got


Last Step, Selftest




This is the steps for Xtool series products registration and activation





[Livraison gratuite] NEW Generation KTAG Firmware 7.020 SW2.23 Online Version EU Version 4LED Red PCB&Green PCB

KTAG K-TAG Firmware V7.020 En ligne Version PCB Rouge ECU Programmeur Avec 4 LED Token Illimité

Top 8 raisons pour acheter K-TAG:

1. Software Version: V2.23, Firmware Version: V7.020.
2. Mise à jour par CD ou lien de téléchargement seulement
3. Multi-langue: Italien, Allemand, Anglais, Français, Portugais, Espagnol
4. PC Support: Windows XP Professional/Win7/Win8
5. ECM TITANIUM V1.61 avec 18475 DRIVER gratuit
6. Token Illimité
7. PCB Rouge
8. Avec 4 LED


1. Ne pas mettre à jour le KTAG en ligne, il endommagera l’unité (Seulement renvoyer la réparation, l’acheteur doit payer les frais)
2. Veuillez fermer le programme anti-virus lors de l’exécution du logiciel

V2.23 KTAG K-TAG Firmware V7.020 ECU Programmeur Description:

L’outil de programmation K-TAG ECU est entièrement conçu autour des besoins de nos clients pour être plus réactif et fiable.
Véritable champion de l’innovation, K-TAG introduit une nouvelle nouveauté dans le monde Alientech: la communication J-Tag pour les véhicules asiatiques.
Protocoles disponibles pour K-TAG: BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
Fonction BDM de support bien, aucune erreur de somme de contrôle
Soutenez les deux programmes de voiture, camion ECU

Le nouveau K-TAG est 100% compatible J-Tag, mais d’une manière complètement différente. Habituellement, les programmeurs J-Tag sont disponibles uniquement pour les grosses productions, jamais présentes dans les appareils de chiptuning. En utilisant uniquement les composants essentiels, Alientech a fusionné J-Tag, Motorola BDM/Nexus et Bootloader pour les lignes de communication Mitsubishi / Infineon Tricore/ST en un seul produit.

K-TAG travaille en parfaite harmonie. Apprenez à utiliser K-TAG ne prend presque pas de temps, car tous les protocoles de communication fonctionnent selon des principes similaires. Une fois que vous avez appris à utiliser un protocole, vous utiliserez naturellement tous les autres. Alientech sait ce que cela signifie de travailler en mouvement.
Pour cette raison, les méthodes de recherche des protocoles et le choix des véhicules sont détaillés et ordonnés.

Contrairement à de nombreux outils de programmation ECU, avec K-TAG, vous n’avez à votre disposition que les applications dont vous avez vraiment besoin. Une fois que vous avez le matériel, vous pouvez choisir le groupe de protocoles à activer, puis commencer à travailler. Sur cette page, vous trouverez la liste complète des calculateurs actuellement supportés par K-TAG.

Tout comme la gamme complète de programmeurs Alientech, K-TAG est disponible en versions Master et Slave. De cette façon, l’utilisateur Slave peut compter sur le plus grand réseau de Master dans le domaine du chiptuning. La seule chose que K-TAG ne fait pas: la communication OBD. Mais pour cela, vous pouvez compter sur KESS v2.

Pour utiliser K-Tag au mieux sur tout type d’unité de contrôle électronique, Alientech vous propose une large gamme d’adaptateurs spéciaux, à souder sur l’ECU ou à utiliser sur le châssis de positionnement.

Les détails suivants des accessoires disponibles dans le catalogue de la liste de voitures pour chaque groupe de protocoles de communication

BDM Motorola MPC5XX

14AS00T01S: Adapter to be soldered to the ECU
14AS00T02S: Cable with connector to be soldered to the ECU
14AS00T03S: Adapter to be soldered to the ECU
14AS00T04S: Adapter to be soldered to the ECU
14AM00T00M: Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T01M: Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T02M: Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00TBAS + 14AM00TB01: Board for connection through positioning frame, with pull-out tip 14AM00TB01
14AM00TBAS + 14AM00TB02: Board for connection through positioning frame, with pull-out tip 14AM00TB02
14AM00TBAS + 14AM00TB03: Board for connection through positioning frame, with pull-out tip 14AM00TB03

J-TAG Nexus MPC5xx

14AS00T05S: Adapter to be soldered to the ECU
14AM00T05M: Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T06M: Board for connection through positioning frame


14AM00T07M: Write Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T08M: Write Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T09M: Write Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T10M: Read Board for connection through positioning frame
14AM00T11M: Read Board for connection through positioning frame


14P600KT04: Board for connection through positioning frame


14AM00T03M: Board for connection through positioning frame

Protocoles disponibles pour K-TAG:





V2.23 KTAG K-TAG Firmware V7.020 PCB:








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Comparison between Autel MD802 and MD808 All System

Recently ,Autel company release many new products such MD808 all system, Autel MaxiCOM series

Today we talk about MD808 All System

As we were known , Autel has one MD802 All System scanner which is with powerful function and it is the first choice for customer

But now MD808 definitely to instead MD802 to be a new choice

And customer will ask why should i choose MD808, it is the new one without much test .

How do we know the function and quality

Here we list the comparison between these products


From the list, we can obviously clear how to choose a good device for your vehicle or workshop

For more informatios,please visit the following link