Xhorse VVDI2 Full Authorization Customer Feedback

Xhorse VVDI2 Full Authorization Customer Feedback

Thanks for the review on original xhorse VVDI 2 Commander key programmer full package

Bought one of vvdi2 full kits+ vvdi 2 remote

programmer after doing a lot of research from many seller in China.
The staff from xhorseshop.co.uk always responded in time and answered all questions i had.

Shipping was fast although DHL tracking didnt work until package had arrived.(approx. 4 days)

Every item all appears to be in good condition,each packed well in a paper box,no damage or scratch at al,
although i thought a plastic one would be better.The latest vvdi2 software 2.1.6 was in the disk(free download
link i saw in the web aslo),then i installed the vvdi 2 software and driver according to the user manual,common
installation method,not difficult for me.
Everything seems to work OK,which is exactly as stated.

Lack of wireless connection on the vvdi 2 seems to be less convenient,but on cable it had worked consistently well anyway
For people considering buying a kit like this for BMW&VAG group cars,the only advice i can give is that to buy the full package
to avoid inconvenience of authorization(5th AUDI,BMW obd&CAS4+ authorization need extra pay if not full package,but it seems that
they can open this function for those with Condor key machine.)It’s a great tool kit to have for diagnostics,key programming,IMMO etc

Overall i can highly recommend buying vvdi2 or others from this vendor since everything was as advertised,plus they have fast response
via emails if we users have issues or questions when using their products