Xhorse VVDI Prog BMW Reviews


Xhorse VVDI Prog BMW Reviews:

Here is o.k. and k.o. experience of VVDI Prog programmers working on BMW cars.

Tested by me: cas 2, cas 3, cas 3+, Cas4 5m48h, volvo cem v40
all ok.

Is a very good tool and for bmw cas4 .

I tested today D80 and a m35080v6, and they work perfect.

Mine erased D160 (BMW F01 dash) with no problem.

Tried to renew bmw e series 868 key. Vvdi claimed operation success but in tango key is now recognized as transponder type A. locked

I did renew 2 keys! Both worked and now ar programmed to cars!

Only thing you need to disconnect from PCB is battery while writing the renew file. (Remove the batteries)

Renew BMW series E 868 key – 100% OK z vvdi prog v4.5.7

FRM3 works perfectly

More EDC17 under ECU section would be great!
Especially BMW EDC16 and EDC17 for ISN purposes.
BMW F series FEM module reading but for that i can only dream about…

BMW BMSX bike ECU would be great…

Renew pcf7946 and 29f family

Renew E series remote with pcf7942 / pcf7944 would be fine

Unlock and download the 9S12G128 secure without erasing it first would be nice .

erasing all 35080s and d80 with soic clip would be super nice too!

I read the CAS3+ MCU with VVDI Prog and that worked perfect.

BMW FRM3 series Exx – READ and WRITE – OK
BMW KEY series Exx – OK
test vvdi prog v4.5.7