vous pouvez avoir des problèmes lorsque vous installez Kess v2

checksum mistake:



Resolution: ECU customer problems: 1) possible customers ECU is bad
2) our products may not support clients ECU (k-tag facility is not open to some ecu, so can not read)
So only solution is to allow customers to try to change another car

wake up error:


Solution: may be two situations: Question 1) The customer TF card. In this case, let customers replace TF card, tf card swap program to format, and then re-ECU inside the chip (which has been given a complete documentation before this, follow the steps themselves to clients to operate)
2) customer choice models error, this error will occur. This situation, to allow customers in accordance with the engine number above a clear a check.

Connections not established error:


Resolution: The customer’s device driver is not installed, let him examine the next computer equipment manager, there are no device drivers