The steps to tell how to active Xentry, DAS and EPC/WIS.

For Version V2016.03, customer only need to send LAN-ID, Hardware Fingerprint ID to us for activiting.

And can active Xentry yourself.

The following is the steps to active Xentry

how to active exentry 1

how to active exentry 2
how to active xentry 3
how to active xentry 4
how to active xentry 5

Run Xentry 
run xentry 1
run xentry 2

Run the software “Get Hardware ID ” , copy the generated hardware ID to our dealer for the license.reg file.
das lan id 1
das lan id 2
Run License
das lan id 3
das lan id 4
das lan id 5
v2016.3 epc 1
v2016.3 epc 2
v2016.3 epc 3

Copy LAN-ID:XXXXXX to our dealer
v2016.3 epc 4
v2016.3 epc 5
2016.3 epc 6
v2016.3 epc 7
v2016.3 epc 8