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Xtuner X500 Review

Here are reviews of Xtuner X500;

Hope this review will save you some money and you will buy a better product .

Xtuner X500 Review 1:

i bought XTUNER X500 which is absolutely useless piece of garbage
i run a shop with all kind of makes and i tried it on Japanese , European and US makes all of them same story

1. the only function in it that works is generic obd2 engine functions which can be easily accessed by buying generic dongle for 5$ and 5$ APP TORQUE OBD.
2. TPMS function not working – pretty sad smiley icon and says “sorry can’t communicate with ecu”.
3. oil reset same story as above.
4. immo keys same story as above .

the rest of the amazing features of this device i didn’t even bothered to try (sarcasm).

BOTTOM LINE – if you’re looking for an overpriced device with full of bugs APP get your one of these .

i use x-diag pro3 and its a Rolls Royce compared to that thing .

Xtuner X500 Review 2:

The VPecker/E3 is an OK device for the money but it’s PC based. It’s comparable to the pro3 and for 130USD you get the device with a year of free updates and access to all vehicle makes and functions. Cost of updates after the first year is also cheaper than any other comparable option. I emailed TDIntel once to ask the cost and this was their reply…

Xtuner X500 Review 3:

1USD per software in DSS, 10USD per software in ESS, 10USD per function in MSS, and the charge of whole package would not be more than half of the price of the unit product.

Xtuner X500 Review 4:

Easydiag yellow or m-diag with cracked software is the way to go right now though.

Xtuner X500 price: €104.95