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Xhorse 35160DW Chip Instruction

Instruction: 35160DW Chip used as replacement for ST company 35080xxx,
35160xx, 080D0xx, 160D0xx ,.etc types

1. Backup data: Read and Save the dashboard original IC from 3 partitions(MEMORY+LONGID
+ID LOCATION) or ALL option (ALL=MEMORY+LONGID+ID LOCATION), shown as sample


2. Write data: After replace original chip by Xhorse 35160xx chip, please write step1 saved 3
dumps to each partition on xhorse chip by VVDI PROG.
3. Mileage correction: ‘Erase INC’ button is for erasing the front 2 lines, after erase INC
operation then select ALL or MEMORY option to Read data for verify, Reading data the front
2 lines should all ‘00’, manually enter the targert mileage, then click Write option, operation
4. Verify data: Soldering back the Xhorse chip to dashboard, check whether working well
without red dot