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How to register and update OBDSTAR X100/X200/X300

At present there are some customers who do not know how to update machine, this tips teach you how to do.

Before you update your obdstar x100, obdstar x200 obdstar x300 or other obdstar tools, you need to register it on www.obdstar.com first.

When you register your obdstar x100/x200/x300 or other obdstar machines, you need to have these three numbers:
1.Serial number: it is on the back of your machine
2.Register password: please find it on the ” About ” device information after you start your machine
3.Dealer code: 860755B1(all obdstar machine is this dealer code, please attention)

After register it well, then log in official website and go to update center, then do it steps and steps as this video to teach you.

Kindly Note:
1. Your update procedure should be same with the serial number, or your obdstar device maybe died, and can not be used.
2. Need to plug out the SD Card from your obdstar machine, and insert this sd card to card reader, and connect it with the laptop by usb cable to update it;
3.There is no problem to formate or still save the old procedure on the sd card, will not have any influence to use the obdstar machine for you.