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Xhorse Benz VVDI MB BGA TooL Programmeur De Clé Plus Power Adapteur Fonctionne Avec Mercedes W164 W204

Xhorse Benz VVDI MB BGA TooL Programmeur De Clé Plus Power Adapteur Fonctionne Avec Mercedes W164 W204

Xhorse Benz VVDI MB BGA TooL Programmeur De Clé Fonction

1. Soutenir BE clé, lire le mot de passe et de préparer une nouvelle clé via IR.
2. NEC V051, V057 soutien à bord obtenir le mot de passe
3. Tous NEC clés supportent à bord d’écriture et d’effacement
4. Mot de passe calculer: support des touches de BGA, clés NEC (comprennent 51,57version), etc., travaillent vite.
5. Soutien renouveler EIS et ELV
6. Soutien écrire EIS et ELV
7. Le soutien en ligne générer le fichier clé
8. Fonction Unlock ELV sera publié bientôt.
9. Renouveler autre fonction des modules de contrôle soutiendra bientôt
VVDI MB BGA Tool Power Connect Adapter Function

1. Mercedes-Benz power adapter can be used in the FB3 system all lost and gateway simulation, support:class C, E, CL, CLK, MK, GL, GLK and other models.

2. Use the Mercedes-Benz power adapter to collect W204, W207 all lost, only need 18 minutes.If not use the Mercedes-Benz power adapter will take about 150 minutes.VVDI MB power connector will help you save lot of time for nearly 2 hours.
3. Use VVDI MB Tool power adapter to collect W216, W164, 2009 + all lost, do not need to plug the infrared adapter (item NO.SF210). If without the Mercedes-Benz power adapter needs to plug 500 times, this adapter help you operate easily.
4. Support gateway simulator function, without the gateway,you can get access to W164, W164 2009 +, W209, W211 (need to use a dedicated linear beam cable) directly by OBD way.
5. Mercedes-Benz power adapter works with VVDI MB Tool will release more functions in future.

VVDl MB TOOL Power adapter Feature:
1. VVDI MB TOOL power adapter working on FBS3 type all key lost and gateway emulation, support C class, E class, CL, CLK. ML. GL. GLK types etc..
2. VVDI MB TOOL power adapter only need 18 minutes for data acquisition on W204 W207 all key lost; without this adapter it will cost 150 minutes for data acquisition,
save nearly 2 hours(150 minutes ->18 minutes)
3. VVDI MB TOOL power adapter for W216, W164 2009- all key lost data acquisition.no need to replug IR adapter many times; without this adapter need to
replug IR adapter for 500 times, save a great deal of manpower{500 times->0 time)
4. VVDI MB TOOL power adapter support gateway emulation function, without real gateway you can use this adapter directly OBD communication with W164, W164 2009-, W209, W211 (require special connection cables)
5. VVDI MB TOOL power adapter will keep updating more functionsvvdi-mb-tool-power-adapter

V2.1.4 VVDI MB BGA Tool add W204 W207 All Key Lost (Update)

Newest update: newly released VVDI MB BGA Tool V2.1.4 can support get password from W204, W207 EIS while all key lost! Following is VVDI MB BGA Tool V2.1.4 download link for you.

VVDI MB BGA Tool V2.1.4 software free download link:


Password: 123456

VVDI MB Tool Password Calculation Steps:

Step1. Select working key, communicate mode and chassis.

Step2. Click on “Data Acquisition”

Step3. Click on “Upload Data”

Step4. Click on “Query Result”


If all key lost u need 2 tokens
Data Acquisition needs about 2.5 hour, so please don’t perform this operation on the car.
Connect EIS to correct cable on the bench before Data Acquisition and please don’t connect cable to ESL.
If you tried but it says Data Acquisition failed– You need do the data acquisition process again when failed.
This is a user’s feedback on Xhorse VVDI MB Tool V2.1.4:

I tried it 2 times….first time Data Acquisition cost 2.5 hours…sent online to server, calculation failed….second time Data Acquisition again 2.5 hours….sent online to server, after 1 minute got the password back….

I tried calc. key dumps, wrote first dump to BE key, used in EZS/EIS…learned quickly…

I tried to use Xhorse W204 ELV emulator…success assigned…new key turn, EMU sound lock/unlock rightly…