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How to solve VCM”Expired” Problem ?

We have a customer who bought an Ford VCM II to do his Ford Models.
During using,there is a problem occured
Here is the message he sent to me.

Hello I bought the ford VCM2 IDS module from you. I wanted to enable the license, but this gave me ‘expired’, so I can’t do anything with it.


Please help

In the readme file it says as follows:

If you need to install the IDS to the physical machine, just 2 steps:

Install IDS software.
Install VX Driver VCMII 2.2.0.xxxx.exe

Note: Ford IDS 86 do not need license and can be freely install.
Note: Mazda IDS any version do not need license and can be freely install.
Note: Ford IDS and Mazda IDS can not install in one PC.

What have I done wrong?

I think there’s a bug in the software. When you open, you get these images:


I think the big problem is that the VCM module isn’t recognized by IDS, The VX manager shows connexion, but no possibility to connect in IDS.

does the vcm module has to be connected to the car for the ids program to regognize the vcm module?

For this kind of issue, the solution is “close the VM manager and change the computer time to Beijing Time East Eight District.

It is easy to operate


Téléchargement Gratuit VCM IDS 3 Mazda IDS 104 Ford IDS 105

Téléchargement du logiciel VCM IDS 3 gratuit:

Terminator Software V3.11 Télécharger sur Mega: testé à 100%


Téléchargement gratuit du logiciel Ford ids v105.01: testé à 100%


Télécharger le logiciel mazda v104 sur Mega: testé à 100%



Merci beaucoup aux techniciens de Fly

Caractéristiques du logiciel VCM IDS 3:

Crack, pas de passe, sûr d’utiliser, jamais expirer

Connexion logicielle vcm ids 3 directement; NON besoin d’un nom d’utilisateur et d’un mot de passe

100% travaillant avec l’outil d’analyse VCM IDS 3

Test report:

Windows XP (SP2 or later)……Confirmed

Windows 7, win 8 and win 10……Confirmed

Obdii diagnosis……Confirmed

Mazda/Ford (smart) key programming……Confirmed

Module programming……Confirmed

Module reprogramming……Confirmed

Ford and Mazda 2016……Confirmed

2017 Transit Auto & Transit AWD……Confirmed

Credits to technicians tested VCM IDS 3 Ford/Mazda