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How to solve V2017.9 MB Star Install Wizard interrupted

Provide solution to MB Star diagnostic SD Connect C4 V2017.9 Xentry OpenShell XDOS installation error “The InstallShield Wizard was interrupted before Xentry Diagnostics Openshell could be completely installed.”

Attach installation error picture:

xentry diagnostics OpenShell error


Possible reasons:

1- from virus

2- or Microsoft Message Queue Service is not enable

Please make sure you do like these tips:

  1. You need absolute clean windows. choose win 7 32bit
  2. Click to show you the log file and read that. It will be specified what has gone wrong with your install.
  3.  Be sure to run your install with administrator rights and have enough room on your HDD.

Finally, the problem is solved.

it was the Microsoft Message Queue Service not enabled now is installing fine.



Thanks to http://www.eobdii.fr/ engineer who helped me solve the problem, thumb up for their service.