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Renault Can Clip is now Updated to V195

Good News

Renault CAN Clip is now updated to V195 version

For the new version, there are some information need to share with our customers


No new vehicles for this version.


  • New Clip Screen Capture button at the bottom of each screen (or taskbar).
  • As part of the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the validity period of the CLIP registration will gradually be decreased
  • Admission of the ACCEL portal: Bosch help function for the ADT probe (shortcut is available on the desktop)
  • Documentation relating to the probe with these translations available via the following link:



In order for the return of the diagnostic files towards the central server to be more fluid, remember to connect Clip and close the session daily.

New ADT probe available for sale.

Be careful to keep the old VI Alliance to make the legacy.

As part of the Windows 10, 64-bit migration project planned for 2020 for all clip entries, the period of validity of applications will gradually be reduced from one year to one month.

Warning :

Maintenance of the PANASONIC CF19 MK3 ceased in March 2018 and they can no longer be registered.

Maintenance of the Tecra A11 and CF19 MK2 ceased in January 2017 and they can no longer be registered.