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Difference between Best Quality Renault and Cheapest Renault

Right now ,we have three kind of renault can clip on sale.

SP19-A Best quality Renault CAN CLip

SP19-B Hot sale Renault CAN CLip

SP19-D Cheapest Renault CAN CLip

Many customer may confused how to select and also wants to know the difference.

1.Quality is different, if you want best quality, you can choose SP19-A

2.The appearance of the interface is different


this is for SP19-A, the red mark is the real hole and can be used when working


this is for SP19-D, the red mark is the useless hole.

This is the biggest difference between SP19-A and SP19-D

3.The price is different

SP19-A is the most expensive one 149EUR

SP19-B is 122EUR ,most hot sale one

SP19-D is 100EUR, cheapest one.

4.The software version is different

SP19-A and SP19-B are V162

SP19-D is V163

For the software version, it can be update gradually

All  above is clear for customers to find the right one.

For more information,you can visit the following link