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Super iCOM V2016.4 SSD WIN8.1 Software Udpate Informations

SUPER iCOM Updater User Manual
• The SUPER iCOM Updater is special tool for authorized SUPER ICOM
user, and this tool is for upgrade only. We do not pay any
responsibility if you update other software.
• The SUPER iCOM Updater must run inside SUPER iCOM system,
please do not run in your own local system.
The entire authorized users are able to find the serial number [SUPER2015XXX] in
your mobile HDD, and password [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx] in the password envelope which
come with the SUPER ICOM tools.
Upgrade ID: Your serial number
Upgrade password: Last 8 digital numbers inside your Password envelope
How to update my system:
1. Double click the Super ICOM Updater icon on the desktop
2. Input the Serial number and password
3. choose the version you want to upgrade
4. wait for the download process finish
5. Install the update files.
Other Details:
How to find my password if I lost the Password envelope?
You can click the forget password and input necessary, we will verify your
info and send to your email with new password.
How to renew my account if it is expired?
You can click renew button and input the new code which you could
purchase from our local dealer.