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For those who have a connection problem with interface RLT2002 (ori or clone Renault CANCLIP interface)
You must modify 2 files in version 185 (Computer >>> Disk C >>> Clip >>> Config):

– probesConfiguration

and – probesConfiguration_logs (normally both at the bottom)

If you are in V184, recover these 2 files, install the V185 and modify the files


Small Reminder: If a Clip Version is already installed on your PC DO NOT REPEAT activation procedure

Files in pj (no pass, just a thank)

Good diags

Fichier XML Clip 184 download:



Fichiers probes:


Renault CAN CLIP 185 download: free but need luck


Renault CAN CLIP 184 download: free but need luck


Renault CAN CLIP 183 download: tested 100%, no issues




confirmed to work perfectly with Renault CAN CLIP china clone, including item no. sp19-asp19-c, sp19-d, sp19-e

Renault CLIP 183 update info:


Fitted in new vehicle: XJA.


– Links to the electronic wiring diagrams ewd on the Infotech website are working again.

– For New Dialogys procedures, please select the “New Dialogys” option (checkmark) in the “Tool configuration” menu in order to be able to access MR and MD B2 in New Dialogys from Clip.

– New warranty screen at end of ECU reprogramming

– Sequencing of reprogramming for linked ECUs


Starting with version CLIP 173, Windows XP is no longer compatible with CLIP.

Warning :

Maintenance of the PANASONIC CF19 MK3 ceased in March 2018 and they can no longer be registered.

Maintenance of the Tecra A11 and CF19 MK2 ceased in January 2017 and they can no longer be registered.

Starting with DVD CLIP 161, reprogramming with a battery tension lower than 13V is no longer possible.

You absolutely have to connect a battery charger to the vehicle.

Three charger are currently available:

– Ateq BC512 (with or without printer), link: https://www.renault-equipment.com/bc512-15a-automatic-charger.html

– Acctiva Fronius Professional Flash 50A, link: https://www.renault-equipment.com/fronius-automatic-battery-charger-approved-for-new-vehicles-preparation.html

– GYS Flash 50-12HF (rather favourable), link: https://www.renault-equipment.com/gysflash-50-12-hf.html

Please make sure you have this battery charger before starting any work.

Order via your retailer or via the catalogue for Garage equipement: www.infotech.renault.com or www.renault-equipment.com

Best Quality CAN Clip v169 for Renault Diagnostic Interface with Full Chip AN2135SC AN2136SC Multi-Languages

Best Quality CAN Clip v169 for Renault Diagnostic Interface with Full Chip AN2135SC AN2136SC Multi-Languages
Top 4 Reasons to Get Can Clip for Renault
1. Software Version: V169
2. Support Multi-Language: English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish
3. Update by CD
4. Best Price

1. Operating System: Windows XP
2. Please Don’t Disassembly the Body Apart Yourself, Or We Won’t be Responsible for Repair
Can Clip for Renault Function:
1. See all the information relating to the vehicle
2. Computer test
3. Automatic test of all computers
4. Airbag test
5. Ccantool (OBD tests)
6. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
7. Physical measurements
8. Antipollution
9. Multimeter
Package includes:
1pc x Can Clip for Renalt
1pc x Renault 12Pin Cable
1pc x OBD II 16Pin Cable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x CD(V69 Version)
If you want to this product,please enter this link:

V152 Renault Can Clip vs V151 Renault Can Clip Feature

V152 Renault Can Clip vs V151 Renault Can Clip Feature

Diffierences List:

V152 New Features: Fitted in new vehicle: XFD.
V151 New Features: Fitted in new vehicle: XBA.

Similarity List:

Operations: Reading of the diagnostics cards via the RNFI token

Gerneral Information:
Maintenance of the PANASONIC CF18s ceased in May 2014 and they can no longer be registered.

Attention: When CLIP is closed, the connection window appears for the token and password must be entered so that the diagnostics card can be read. This is the same for both V151 and V152 Renault Can Clip software.


How to install V151 Renault CAN Clip Software?

How to install V151 Renault CAN Clip Software?

Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool interface has recently released to V151 (Aug. 12th). The newest version adds new vehicle XBA model.

Software version: V151


Multi-Language: English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish
Operating system: Windows XP SP2/SP3

How to update Renault CAN Clip software to V151?

1) For those who need to update previous version V145, V149 to V151, please order Item No: SP19-S Nouveau Logiciel de Renault Can Clip V151 in our website and install it to run an upgrade.
2) For those who want to buy new V151 Renault clip interface, you need to purchase SP19-S V151 software as well.

How to install Renault CAN Clip V151 diagnostic software?

Main steps:
1) Install CAN CLIP Patch & Driver
2) Register & Crack Renault CLIP
3) Connect Renault Can Clip interface
4) Computer Test
5) Diagnose vehicles

Detail instructions:
1) Install Patch & Driver

Insert CD to computer
Open My Computer
Open Renault CAN CLIP V151 (E:) DVD


Open “Activation (Patch V3)” folder.


Merge “Crack Renault CLIP”.
Click Yes to accept registry editor prompt.


Click OK.
Open Setup on folder.




Accept license agreement.


Click Next
Select your country, click Next.


Select software language, click Next.


Select manufacturer to install, click Next.


Click Next
Click Next
Agree license agreement
Click Next
Do not change destination directory
Click “Install Now”.


Click Finish when software setup is installed completely.
Restart the computer

2) Register & Crack Renault CAN CLIP V151

CLIP V151 FIRST INSTALLATION completed, click Finish.


Right click CLIP software on desktop>> Find Target>> find the “RSRWin” file, cut and paste it to desktop.

Open My Computer
Open Renault CAN CLIP V151 (E:) DVD
Open “Activation (Patch V3)” folder
Copy “RSRWin” file and paste it to “Application” folder


Open “RSRWin” file on Application folder


Tick “I understand and accept the license contract above”.
Then click “Register me now”.


Click OK
Enter register security code
Press Confirm button


Click OK
Open Application folder
Cut “RSRWin” file from desktop and replace “RSRWin” file in Application folder




3) Connect Renault CAN Clip interface
Connect Renault CAN Clip interface with computer via COM Port
Wait the system to detect the hardware wizard
Open My Computer>>Device Manager>> Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Device>> 1B-Alliance Vehicle Communication Interface, to check well communication is built.


4) Computer Test
Open CLIP software on desktop
Complete vehicle information, VIN, vehicle type, Engine type etc, then click “COMPUTER TEST” button.


Unblock the windows security alert
Check software information etc
Exit CLIP V151 software

5) Diagnose vehicles with Renault CLIP
Open CLIP software on desktop
Complete vehicle information
Click OK when system prompts “COMFIGURATION PROBLEM” windows
Select “Information” tab
Select valid systems, press Continue
Read & erase fault codes, continue perform other functions.


For the V151 Renault Can Clip, check: http://www.eobdii.fr/wholesale/renault-can-clip-latest-diagnostic-tool.html.

2015 Renault CAN Clip V151 New Update!

2015 Renault CAN Clip V151 New Update!

New Features: Fitted in new vehicle: XBA
New Operations: Reading of the diagnostic cards via RNFI token

When Renault can clip is close, the connection window appears for the token and the password must be entered so that the diagnostic cards can be read.

General information:
Maintenance of the Panasonic CF18s ceased in May 2014 and they can no longer be registered.

Renault CAn Clip V151 Software Display:


Find the Renault Can Clip: http://www.eobdii.fr/wholesale/renault-can-clip-latest-diagnostic-tool.html.

2015 Renault CAN Clip Dernières Renault outil de diagnostic FAQ

2015 Renault CAN Clip Dernières Renault outil de diagnostic FAQ

Q1: Renault Can Clip toute la lumière flash de quatre indicateur, mais quand je rentre dans le menu de diagnostic, le voyant CAN inactif et ne peut pas établir la connexion, tandis que les trois autres vont à clignoter. Que dois-je faire?
A1: il ya deux solutions: 1) Essayez d’installer le logiciel sur un ordinateur portable (PC), aucun lien avec le pouvoir. 2) Essayer de diagnostiquer K-line voiture de protocole, si cela fonctionne, mais ne peut pas diagnostiquer voiture CAN BUS, des conseils vous retourner à nous pour l’enregistrement.

Q2: Renault CAN Clip V127 utilisé pour travailler, mais après je réinstaller le logiciel, il affiche toujours un message d’erreur de lecture “Vous devez inscrire votre clip”.


A2: Il doit également enregistrer après avoir réinstallé le logiciel, cette image d’erreur suggère que vous ne l’avez pas installé le logiciel correctement, s’il vous plaît regarder Renault Can Clip video dans la colonne «Vidéo», la vidéo montre étape par étape l’installation Renault peut- clip.

Q3: Comment puis-je changer l’anglais vers le français?
A3: Lorsque l’installation du logiciel, vous pouvez sélectionner le français, mais après avoir terminé l’installation, vous ne pouvez pas changer la langue. Donc, vous devez désinstaller le logiciel et le réinstaller, lors de l’installation, sélectionnez la langue française.

Q4: Je essayez d’ouvrir Renault peut couper CD dans plusieurs ordinateurs différents, rien dans le CD.
A4: Vérifier si elle a la trace de sculpture à l’arrière du CD, ou si le secteur Boot CD est cassé.

Q5: Connecté à la voiture et quatre feux sont allumés invité pour ce contenu: 5800 fenêtre, unités de mesure apparaît 104 Erreur 5800: S’il vous plaît vérifier l’alimentation électrique est connecté, le voyant de connexion normale clignote en rouge. Si il ya un problème de ces deux situations: reconnecter, attendez environ 10 secondes avant la vérification.


A5: S’il vous plaît suivez les instructions deux prochaines pour résoudre le problème:
1) Le logiciel installé ne peut pas fonctionner dans votre système informatique de façon stable, il n’y a pas de communication entre le logiciel et le dispositif.
2). l’interface USB de l’ordinateur ne fonctionne pas, essayez d’en utiliser un autre.

Q6: Est-ce que Renault CAN Clip soutien analyser et tester 2003 années le statut de Renault Megane II, et tester l’interrupteur de lève-vitres électriques?
A6: oui, il peut le faire.

Q7: Peut-il faire ma voiture Renault de 1995? Merci.
A7: Oui, il peut faire des voitures de Renault avant 1996, mais s’il vous plaît dites-moi les informations de votre voiture dans les détails, et puis je peut vérifier pour vous!


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