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Difference between Best Quality Renault and Cheapest Renault

Right now ,we have three kind of renault can clip on sale.

SP19-A Best quality Renault CAN CLip

SP19-B Hot sale Renault CAN CLip

SP19-D Cheapest Renault CAN CLip

Many customer may confused how to select and also wants to know the difference.

1.Quality is different, if you want best quality, you can choose SP19-A

2.The appearance of the interface is different


this is for SP19-A, the red mark is the real hole and can be used when working


this is for SP19-D, the red mark is the useless hole.

This is the biggest difference between SP19-A and SP19-D

3.The price is different

SP19-A is the most expensive one 149EUR

SP19-B is 122EUR ,most hot sale one

SP19-D is 100EUR, cheapest one.

4.The software version is different

SP19-A and SP19-B are V162

SP19-D is V163

For the software version, it can be update gradually

All  above is clear for customers to find the right one.

For more information,you can visit the following link




Renault CAN Clip est maintenant nouvellement mis à jour pour V162

Renault CAN Clip est maintenant nouvellement mis à jour pour V162

Voici les étapes pour montrer l’installation de Renault V162

1.Open Renault Software and Copy “Activation Patch” file to desktop


2.Open “Patch” file and active the “Crack” file


3.Click“ SetUp” programm and start to install Renault Software


4.During installation,firstly select the language you want.


5.After selecting the language, just waiting for its installation automatically till appear the following message.5

6.Then restart the computer.


7.Register Renault and will have the following message, 5 Days left






For more installation informations,pls go to following link