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How to install Hyundai GDS VCI V19 on Win10/Win8/Win7 and Win XP

How to install Hyundai GDS VCI V19 on Win10/Win8/Win7 and Win XP

It is how to install Hyundai GDS VCI software V19 firmware V2.20 on XP
and Windows 7/8/10

Released on Jun.5th 2017

Software Version:Hyundai GDS Software V19(Kia Software V12)

Firmware Version: VCI firmware V2.20

System requirement:

Windows 7;Windows XP (tested)

Windows 8;Windowns 10 (try with luck)

What is GDS

The Global Diagnostic System is the only OEM diagnostic tool for Hyundai.
It is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for
all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars.GDS provides complete diagnostic,
analisis and reprogramming capablities as well as a huge library of technical,
service and repair information

How to install Hyundai GDS software V19

Open Computer-Removable disk(F:)-GDS VCI EN

Run DAEMON Tools Lite application

Windows security alert: Allow access
Install DAEMON Tools Lite

Next to install DAEMON Tools Lite

Accept the agreement

Free License,


Installing DAEMON Tools Lite…

Pop-up:installing device driver software

Install DT gadget? Yes

Finish Installing DAEMON Tools Lite on your computer

Windows security alert:Allow access

Close the IE explore if it automatically opens
Install GDS software

Go to computer-removable disk(F:)-GDS VCI EN-Hyundai Master

Open Hyundai GDS master ISO file

Autoplay:open folder to view files

Then open the setup application

Preparing setup..

Input the dealer ID

Next to install GDS


Tick on MS PP Viewer,MS World Viewer,MS Excel Viewer,Adobe Acrobat Reader


Power point viewer will be installed .OK

Yes to install


Power point viewer 2003 setup is completely installed! OK

Word viewer will be installed OK


Accept the license agreement