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2018 FVDI Test Report on www.eobdii.fr

2018 FVDI works or not? Look at reviews here:
BMW e46 change id function in dash:Not OK
BMW e46 change id function in DME:Not OK
Bmw x3 e83 VTG/EGS:Cannot Connect
Bmw e90 Coding seat occupation:OK
Hyundai i20 2013 mileage change:OK
Hyundai i 20 2008 airbag connection:Not OK
Golf 6 diesel mileage change:OK
Citroen c4 1 mileage change:Ok
Fabia 5J 1.4 mileage change:Ok
Octavia ecu me7.5 immo off:OK
Audi A3 2000 mileage:OK

Audi A6 m3.8.2 dump tool immo off:OK

Renault Clio 4 km change:not OK

Octavia 2015 nec dash,cant get into service mode so no changing kms:Not OK
I ordered one. I had FVDI 2014 and 2015 before. This fvdi 2018 version has the same software versions as the 2015 version except that has updated software for VAG and BMW/Mini which is from the VVDI software. IMMO 4 and 5 key programming is working. Only tested on 2012 Scirocco 2.0 TSi and 2014 Audi A5 2.0T.

Mercedes software still has bugs for odometer correction. W204 did not work.

Overall it is good value for money. Not as good as OBDStar X300 DP pad for keys and odometer but has many better functions like programming and calibrations.