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How to Set DOIP SD C4 ?

How to Set DOIP SD C4 ?

DOIP SD C4 is recently new released products.

It can support newest DOIP protocol and will be stable than before.

The new SDconnect C4 (1:1 clone of the original) is able to work for DoIP.
It’s the only C4 that supports ethernet communication (DoIP).
Have tested no issues on new mercedes with doip.

You don’t have to install batteries for firmware update.
No need worry about firmware damage in the update process

The wireless connection is stable.
C4 is connected automatically to WLAN for diagnostic tests.
Also, remote help is available.

The C4 machine has good quality.
It’s waterproof, shockproof and tamper proof.

Here we share how to set DOIP SD C4

1.Open Network and Sharing Center.


3.Set”Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)”

4.Set IP address


6.Click” Add” and set DOIP IP address

7.Please set the IP address to”169.254.0.”

8.Click”OK“ to finish the processing