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W204 Mileage Correction via OBD: Digiprog 3? VVDI MB? FVDI ?

W204 Mileage Correction via OBD: Digiprog 3? VVDI MB? FVDI ?
There are lost of threads talking about Mercedes-Benz W204 mileage correction.Some use Digiprog 3
odometer programmer,some use VVDI mercedes or FVDI commander or original AVDI .SO, which one should
be best for W204 km change?
Here list some good questions and answers between forum members. Read them fistly

Q:w204 possible only dash?
A: Not possible only dash

you have to do dash and can-filter.
or use digiprog or elprosys or abritus72 or enigma

Q:Any one done 2014 by OBD?
A:Use can blocker,make backups and never will have problems..

Q:Anyone done Mercedes W204 2014 by OBD?
if yes, what tool can do this

Q:digiprog 3 and fvdi, which better for W204 mileage ?
A:I killed one with fvdi,it crashes,the ZGW will need recoding.
I do not recommend using fvdi on w204
Have better change with digiprog 3
i did 2012 with it

Q:How to make right on w204 with fvdi ?
A:Original equipment or solder can blocker.

Q:Any good experience of digi ?
A:I did a few 204 212 with digiprog 3 v4.94,no problem.

Q:How about AVDI for 204?
A:I’ve got AVDI ORG but can’t do 2013 W204
but yesterday i killed also the ZGW of one W204 2011 the first time
have smok tool to repair this until you done backup
i don’t know if you can do it 2014

Q:Cluster was changed in car.
How do i have the cluster automatically go back to original mileage ?Only
tool i have is VVDI MB BGA tool. Thanks.
A:for W204 through vvdi mb
if you want to bloack km synchronization between EZS and dashboard,you need
backup CGW(gateway 0 EEPROM and FLASH before write km

Q:Anyone tried with Smok ?
A:I’ve got now smok Merc
so i try and cant do first time error when Erase Flash
so i write the flash and eeprom back and then i try again all GOOD job done
smok tool its the best for this price

AVDI cant write flash back after first problem-smok done easy

In summary
Digiprog3 programmer should be the best solution of Mercedes W204 odometer mileage
through OBD.Within 5 minutes and no need dissember the dashboard.
Attach some photos here…the W204 2009 model






So easy to OBD correct mileage using digiprog.W204 2009 success!
Note: there are some guys who claim they have done W204 2012 with digiprog.
but also some others said 2013 didnt work.personally,i wouldn’t try ezs with digiprog of
2013 model.
if it reads tacho then it’s okay,and use can blocker.
this would be a cheap option.

Which is the Best Tool to change Mileage for Mercedes Benz W212

I want to change mileage on my W212 2013. Is only way to use MB CAN Filter ? I found some sugguestions on carprog but doesnt show steps
For example,if install mb can filter, do you still update ezs odometer value or just cluster ?Yes i know AVDI brites original does it all.

Anywhere else have to change it ? Tire pressure sensors of transimssion ?

Customer Solutions

1.Late 2013 Benz W212 you need to correct odometer and install CAN Filter. The can filter goes near the cluster.
I had done it with YanHua Digimaster III. It is not cheap, but i think you can use Digiprog 3.By the way, take backup from EEPROM first
2.If it is full color dashboard,digiprog3 cant do it

If it’s not facelift model(before 2013) and use digiprog 3 v4.94 then you dont need can filter/blocker.
But a can blocker is better to use all times, because if dealer reads the EZS it shows same mileage as in Tacho, if you dont use can blocker then EZS shows 99999km.(but normall dealers dont read
EZS, they only read assyst manager when serviced)

If you roll back odometer to a lower mileage off last service, its best to delete service history in car. Use option”assyst manager’ enter “774”days and “25000”kms for next service warning and press”V”
when it asks to delete service history.

When you have a diesel it probably gives DPF error in car. and the car will run in emergency-mode.
Only drives max 80kmh. Digiprog3 cant reset this. You have to go to dealer or some else who can reset DPF.

When some other errors turn up in display use the”clr” error option to reset.

Fixer Digiprog 3 v4.94 du firmware pour lire décharges EEPROM

Bien DigiProg III est conçu pour fonctionner de façon autonome pour le bien de l’affichage grand écran, encore quelques autres se tournent vers voudrais fonctionnement du PC. Est-il possible de faire l’outil de correction Digiprog 3 du compteur kilométrique (version actuelle de V4.94) connecté à un PC? Quelqu’un a testé ça marche et obdtoolshop.co.uk ici est heureux de partager.

NOTE: Nous ne sommes pas responsables des dommages.

Tout d’abord, dissimuler l’digiprog 3 v4.94 carte de circuit imprimé du firmware

Si vous trouvez votre PCB de DP3 est manquant une puce FTDI marqués en rouge ci-dessous, le souder avec puce FTDI correcte

Avec la puce FTDI FT232BL, vous pouvez vous connecter digiprog3 avec ordinateur / ordinateur portable. La puce FTDI agit comme le pilote dans le gestionnaire de périphérique. Vous ne serez pas en mesure de transférer votre lecture EEPROM déverse vers et à partir du PC / ordinateur portable, etc. Vous pouvez enregistrer des décharges à pc avec elle.

Soudez la puce FTDI et fonctionne parfaitement. Pas de problème avec les pilotes tout installé par eux-mêmes.

Connectez digiprog iii mileage correction master avec PC et commencer à fonctionner.