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How to register toyota g box on CN900

How to register Toyota G chips Cloner Box
1: Login CN900 official website: http://www.cn900.net and
down load the newest update softare.
2 : please connect cn900 to PC, and power on, then open the
update softwareconnect-cn900-2 , click”CONNECT” button, it will display
SN and version on the lower left corner of the window,it means the
cn900 connect to normal. Form as below:

cn900-firmware-update-2-13.Click” Udpate” button,update the main module of firmware

click-update-button-3 click-update-button-3-1
4.There are three steps for updating,pls keep CN900 connecting well.After updating,the number of version will change.Pls connect Toyota G box to CN900, then click

72g-box-4you will see the picture as below:



5:How to identify the cn900 was registered Toyota G box or not? If the cn900 was not registered G box, please check picture 1; If the cn900 was registered G box, please check picture 2, it will display the Serial number of the G box. After registered successfully, this Toyota G box can not register to another cn900.




6:In the back side of the Toyota G box, you can see the sercial number(picture 1), please input 8-digits into the edit box.(picture 2 and picture 3).Register successfully. (picture 4 and picture 5).








7:after registered successfully, please power off the cn900, then power on. Open the CN900 update software,Click”CONNECT”—click”72G-BOX—click “Search72G-BOX”(picture 1), and test that whether the Toyota G box was connected well with cn900 (Picture 2).If register ok, it can work normally, if not, please re-register by steps




For more informations,pls go to http://www.eobdii.fr/wholesale/toyota-g-chips-cloner-box-use-for-cn900.html