Premium Tech Tool product not found (Solved)

I have a problem when I use Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5 standard mode than select product FM13 400HP no present in Tech Tool… it resolve problem ?




so this is what fixed my problem which i’m pretty sure is the same as you

PTT 2.X.X ‘older electrical system’ problem solve tool:!TFk0FKKB!f73rS9Z3erXtz1iPtg4QoUkDVdt-R8c0bMqvXRTC150

PTT 2.X has error when connecting to some version2 and version3 trucks
it thinks that truck is old electrical system 98′, thus you can’t perform right tests for truck and edit parameters

so utility converts desired chassis id to version2 or version3 to solve this problem


for license, contact at PM only @chestertech through