Original Autel AutoLink AL619 OBDII CAN ABS And SRS Scan Tool Update Online Without Problems

Autel AutoLink AL619 abs/srs + CAN OBDII outil d’analyse de diagnostic

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1.Supported Langue: Allemand Français Espagnol Portugais Polonais Italien Néerlandais Russe
La langue par défaut est l’anglais, après avoir reçu l’élément de nous, s’il vous plaît vous inscrire sur le site officiel Autel, et passe-moi numéro de série, nous allons changer la langue que vous voulez.
2. Couverture du véhicule: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Citroën, Fiat,  Landrover, Jaguar.
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4. Fonctionne sur tous les 1996 et plus récents véhicules (OBDII & CAN)
Product description:
Altar AL619 clearly read ABS Land Rover codes without problems
Managed to finally get an altar analysis tool AL619 ABS / SRS / OBD2 after hearing from various sources on the forum that it will work for Land Rover ABS codes. We wanted to gather useful information for anyone interested in retrieving the tool. I am in no way affiliated with Altar or anything similar, I just wanted to convey my experiences to anyone interested in erasing their codes.It works well, and it works OK. Ordered from www.cardiag.co.uk for $ 110 (Amazon $ 120) on Monday and received it at the office today. Half an hour to be recorded with Altar, and then installed the updates available via the Micro-SD card included.

Passed to the car, plugged the AL619 into the OBD2 port, went through different menus and made my selections and within 3 minutes it showed my 4 ABS codes. Saved the information, erased the codes and down, and the light 3 amigos + BRAKE that lasted since December has gone. I still have to fix the causes, but I am more than satisfied with the immediate results.

Past the next minutes to disturb with the OBD2 function to find other faults and look at the image blocking data. Everything is very convenient and easy to follow.

I have only positive things to say. Previously, our only options when erasing ABS codes were to go to a dealer and spend $ 100 for each sweep, or increase transportation costs by $ 208 for the only unique Amigo ABS vehicle. Now, for only $ 110 shipped, we can have all the functions of the Amigo with the added function of scanning OBD2, live data, freezing, and so on. This really is a unique sweep for the LR owners. And for $ 108 less than the friend.

I do not brew the Amigo, it’s a cool unit that does its job, but I do not know how they will compete with an altar under $ 108 while offering much more in terms of versatility and functionality.

Thus, in the background line, the AL619 reads and erases the ABS LR codes without breaking the sweat. It was expensive, but now its price is falling and considering the fact that it runs on so many cars and the resale value is likely to be quite high – it is justified. I am a happy customer.

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