Obdstar Outils pour Ford IMMO & Dash: Oui ou Non?

Ford and Obdstar Tools(F100,H100,X300 DP,X300 Pro3,X300M): Wich is the best
for odometer correction and which is for key programming ?

Tech support from eobdii.fr
Part1:Obdstar tools and Ford key add

Part2:Obdstar tools and Ford mileage change

Part1:Obdstar tools and Ford key programming :

Can your Obdstar H100 works for my Ford transit the year post-2014? i would programm new keys
and all key lost ?

Sorry H100 can not work on it

Obdstar X100 Pro can programm For 80 bit keys. The car is Ford F350 2008-2016

Sorry, it doesnt work.For programming Ford keys, you’d better have X300 Pro3 or X300 DP

My car is 2016 Ford Mustang GT and all keys are lost

If i buy a key fob,can H100 helps start the car with the key fob?


2007 model Australian ML Triton and a 2006 model Ford Focus

X300 Pro3 can program keys to them ?

Sorry, Obdstar has not tested on Australian models
F100 Obdstar for Ford Focus-2 prescribes the keys ? It’s the year 2005 or 2006?


Ford F150 2000 lost all keys.Any suggestions ?

Sorry, your model is too old
X300 DP pad Full: Can i read eeprom with X300 DP pad for Ford escort 1994.the car is not OBD2
Hello X300 DP works for cars via OBD

Which Obdstar tool for 2016 ford mustgang gt all keys lost ? It’s a smart key

H100,X300 Pro3 and X300 DP all work

I wanna program new keys with F100.my car is Ford Focus 2011.Can i ?
Yes,F100 supports Focus to the year 2013

Obdstar H100 supports programming remote key for Ford cmax 2015 from USA?

Yes H100 works

F-100 can program new keys to my 2001 X model(all key lost)?

Your model is old, but you can have a try via PCM menu

Can i have a Obdstar F100 for Focus 2006 and 2013 to program a new key ?
All keys are lost

Ford Fiesta 2015,Ford Mustang 2016,Transit custom 2016

Any tool can i use for adding a new key?

Yep,Obdstar H100 works
X300 DP full configuration: i tried to upload immo programm from dp300 to vci,but ford-lincoln
v32.12 fail,v32.13 fail

X300 DP on Ford transit 2013,Tab remote key,then the error pops up:

Disclaimer,user shall assume all consequences when violating the law by using the device or information
OBDSTAR will not undertake any legal responsibility

This product has certain reliability,but could not avoid possible loss and damage,and we do not
assume any responsibility

What should i do ?

Hello Professional is online to help .Remote help via Teamviewer
Obdstar X300 dp:

Subaru outbak 2008 diagnostic :failed

Volkswagen jetta 2006 srs:not connected to the dashboard

Ford Fusion change KM: failed

Please feedback with Log files.And Pros at eobdii.fr will help you out

Does X300 DP immobilizer function and remote function work for Holden and Ford Australian models

X300 DP supports Falcon only

I have 2017 Ford Ranger and 2013 Dacia Sandero

X300 DP supports both ?

X300 DP supports 2017 Ford Ranger even when all keys are lost,while 2013 Dacia Sandero is not supported

Does H100 support Ford C Max energi 2015 Sel? Try to program a new key and all keys lost ?

Yes, Obdstar H100 is able to do it
In conclusion,Obdstar X300 DP is an universal auto key programmer for not only Ford but also
many and Obdstar H100(F100) is a key tool designed for Ford Only. So X300 DP is for car repair shop
and usually H100 is for personally use