Nouveau produit XTUNER X500 Bluetooth Special Function Diagnostic Tool

XTUNER X500 Bluetooth Special Function Diagnostic Tool 

XTUNER-X500 Features:

Powerful multiple functions like OILRESET, DPF, BATTERY, ABS BLEEDING, EPB, TPMS, IMMO&KEY, INJECTOR, covered most of brands including American, European, Asian, Australian and Chinese vehicle makes.
Unparalleled OBDII supporting capability for all 5 OBDII protocols and 10 testing modes.
5 OBDII protocols:
ISO9141-2,ISO 14230, ISO 15765, SAE J1850-(PWM), SAE J1850-(VPW), etc.
10 testing modes inludes:
01. Display the current data
02. Display Freeze frame data
03. Display the stored trouble diagnosis code
04. Clear the fault code and stored value
05. Test Results, Oxygen Sensor Monitoring (can only test only CAN)
06. Test results, other components / system monitoring (test results, for oxygen sensor monitoring only CAN can be tested)
07. Display Pending Diagnostic trouble codes (can only detect the current or recent driving period)
08. Diagnostic component / control operation of the system
09. Display vehicle information
0A. Permanent fault database (cleared DTC)