Mercedes WIS Online/Offline Vehicle Schema


It was very useful information of Mecedes workshop information system….In WIS online I noticed that it is possible to toggle cable colors between black/white and their respective colors.In my WIS offlineI also have at the moment no possibility to check it.



This only works for newer vehicle schemas.

“Newer” – it works from 204 and up. So from 2007-today.

(But this option does not exist at 202,210,211,220 etc, not for all models.)

To enable the button do the following: (I only can tell you in German, just google for translate if you cannot follow.)

Optionen -> WIS -> Leitungslinien schwarz-weiß anzeigen (uncheck it)

That option is there for all models. It is there even without choosing any model. But it doesn’t do anything.


To be honest, I often prefer Starfinder to WIS for wiring diagrams, pretty much all the diagrams have colours, also reference values and location of components come in nice and handy.but Starfinder is not always right.. WIS is far more accurate.