KTAG Master Unlock PCR 2.1 ECU Pinouts

I’v got Golf 6 2010 today for EGR off. As every tine i remove ECU open it and connect it to Ktag master ecu programmer on bench (kess v2 not for bench for bench use ktag) to unlock it. I did save original eeprom and press unlock. I’m looking at making my own Ktag DB15 -> PCR2.1 ecu connector cable like the one ailentech sell.
Does anyone have one they can get the pin connections from the cable please.
1) Ktag Pinout with resistors:
they will do the job
2) K-tag Other pinout without resistors.
When you unlock PCR old way no resistor there is 5% change car don’t start the reason why because one part or more is damaged on ECU and this resistor will by pass it.

This is what happened on this case. Solder it in put the ECU in car try see if ECU communicate and car start.

You can try 2.2K OHM like picture see if that help

If ECU dead after unlock need second hand ECU and auto-logic to code it in

picture of where you put this 2.2k ohm

That’s the old way resistors is more safe but some newer pcr still can’t be unlocked with resistors and unlock fine with direct connection. So please always try resistor first.