Kess v2 Slave vs Kess v2 Master

Kess v2 Slave vs Kess v2 Master


Thread: Kess v2 Slave & Master any difference & how to convert

If you have a master version you can work directly on the program you have write on the vehicle (tuning, egr off, ….) and rewrite after directly.

If you are a slave version (who depend of a master (who do modificated), you read the program (crypted by genius), you send it to the master, he do what you what (money paid) and he re-sent to you to write in the ecu machine.It is expensive for the slave version user who depend of a master.

Kess v2 slave into master:

clone kess v2 floods the market is why there is lots of genuine kess slave for sale, plus most slaves cannot do boot mode

the advantages of using original kess v2 and converting it is that you have genuine original kess hardware, so the chances of hardware failure is smaller

if you can fit genuine nxp chip then great, otherwise you will converting to Chinese NXP with the Chinese firmware


advantages are that converted unit does boot mode, and in some cases have more protocols, you already said yourself you want more freedom, and likely better tuning files!

If you’re not equipped with rich tech knowledge & experience, forget it and escape from risk. Just buy a kess v2 china clone master version:
KESS V2 Master V4.036
KESS V2 Master V5.017