K+DCAN INPA cable do Emergency Flash when flashing interrupted


I’m showing you how to do Emergency Flash when your flashing process was interrupted.

i bricked my CD player, got an aftermarket sony and its made a huge difference.

I’m using windows 7 64bit. I’m thinking of doing a fresh install, which i didn’t want to do as i have program dis and inpa working (i say working, program did brick my car).

I use K+DCAN USB cable green board, but of course it is possible also with ICOM. INPA works fine. my program and dis are on virtual machines. I have a copy of ista-p but no icom emulator and am unsure if my cable will work with an emulator. the guy that unbricked my car had an a cable like mine but with a black adapter plug on also, he also had an actual icom and some other box of tricks. It’s hard to find good information.

Here is the how-to’s.


Copy NFS notepad to Desktop and open it


Change Interface= remote:OBD_abc625 to Interface= STD:OBD

Delete Interface_1, Interface_2, Interface_3 valuesK+DCAN-INPA-cable-do-Emergency-Flash-(4)K+DCAN-INPA-cable-do-Emergency-Flash-(3)

WinKFP starts emergency flash


Note: it won’t work now, because my car is disconnected