ISTA/P v41 download for BMW E60 CIC programming

Only way to do CIC programming on BMW E-series is to use Win KFP expert mode. Also it will be quite hard to find ISTA/P v41.!h8wDiI5I!iOgwqkSLm_RykIQtxdg5LQ


(E89 file is not need but can cause problems in e60)

This is an Overwiew to downgrade E60 ECE CIC.
Look at this, it explains a lot

Free download Full SP-Daten v41, no password or other crap:


Overwiew Data E60 CIC ECE

In Tool32 run the job:

My bet is it will return 7 – programming session active for CIC.

I guess as nothing happened during the ISTA flash your CIC is stuck in bootloader mode.

CIC is made up of 3 parts which must be flashed in correct order (obviously ISTA does this automatically but I’ll explain it as it may help you solve the problem).

63 -> 62 -> A0

The numbers refer to ECU addresses so…

A0 = CIC

Bootloader / program / data

I think only an ICOMA+B / Opps unit will you be able to recover this CIC by reflashing with ISTAP. Only 62 can be flashed with K+DCAN. The complete package requires MOST (ICOM B) correctly configured.

Hope this helps…


– Can i use this tutorial for my E63 coupe 03/2008 635D CV16548 ?

Yes, if you have retrofitted CIC and combox. This tutorial is for CIC and car must also have combox to get apps. I added specific chassis models to the guide.

– Can i use “interface” fonction in DR GINI software (B13 version) for configure ICOM for MOST_ASYNC_ab625 and write EDABIAS.INI file ?

Probably yes. I have never tried with dr gini, I always use easy connect. You want to configure ediabas.ini for remote:most_async_ab625 so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, if the software gives you an opportunity to configure ediabas.

– ICOM selection + MOST selection : it’s good choice?

Yes. Interface must be ICOM A + B(or OP(P)S). No matter what you read from internet or hear from someone else, K+DCAN cable can not be used. Do not even try, it will fail for sure.

I still remind, you must have some knowledge about winkfp use. This guide is not for those who have never used winkfp. Start with basics, downgrading cic is not basics.

Flashing an ecu is always an risk!!
Only flash when it’s necessary!