How to Update Humzor NexzCheck NC501 ?

Here we share some tips on how to do the update for NC501.

1.Download and install the”NEXZCHECK SETUP” software on a PC from Humzor official site””

2.Click the “Check Update” button to check if there is a new version for upgrade.

3.If there is a new versiono,then click the”Download” button

4.Connect NC501 to PC.In case of power failure,press and hold any button of the tool to connect the USB cable until the screen lights and appears’UPDATE MODE”

5.Click the “EnumPort”button to list the serial port number of the current vehicle

6.Click the “Burn Software” button top start burning. Need to wait the progress 100% completed, then can plug the device out

Here is the tips for the update.

And also with update image