How to set up Router or DHCP server for BMW KOMBI and NBT programming


This is how to set up Router or DHCP server for BMW KOMBI and NBT programming with Enet e sys cable or ICOM A2 Ista-p.

Why LAN cable connection better than WLAN from rounter to PC:

Because ista P does not support wlan connections. Probably due to stability liability.

Ista p does not support wifi (wlan) and will not start ista p server if the wifi is enabled on the laptop, only ista p client will open and you cannot select istap server to program. Imagine if the wifi connection drops during programming then the car is screwed up. There are good reasons why bmw doesn’t allow programming via wifi

How to use the Router programming:

ICOM and computer must be connected through a router with DHCP server enabled. no direct connection laptop -> icom.

But you don’t have to use a router. But you do need a DHCP server running on the laptop on the ethernet interface.

It’s pretty easy,

1) Set a static IP on the Ethernet (not wireless) interface – I use
2) Install DHCP server (
3) Configure DHCP server to listen on the Ethernet interface
4) Click on the buttons to set firewall ports and run as service
5) Connect up your ICOM and it’ll get a DHCP address from the DHCP server

Then you can program everything without faults.

I use this on multiple ISPI laptops and never had an issue and never needed a router to connect the computer and ICOM to.

This is a customer share of configuration that worked flawless:

Router DHCP, Icom DHCP and Windows Ethernet: automatic dhcp
First of all the ICOM should be configured this way:

ICOM Config

ConnectionMode = STATIC_IP
Ip =
Netmask =
Gateway =





AutoConfig=06/26/2016 12:41:32

Windows Ethernet config:

“Use the following IP Address”
Subnet mask

BMW ICOM or ENET cable: which better for flash

There are problems with both ICOM and ENET. ENET can’t flash all ZGW modules and ICOM can’t flash any NBT units (including all other control units in MOST bus like KOMBI, AMP and so on). Fix is the same for both, use DHCP server to assign IP adresses. With ENET you can flash NBT even without DHCP server and with ICOM you can flash ZGW without DHCP server. You can even flash whole car without DHCP server by first flashing the ZGW with ICOM and then flashing the rest with ENET.

I meant that ENET is no worse than ICOM, and very very likely original ICOM is no worse than ENET. Anyway the difference is academic. Chinese cloned ICOM’s can be worse than ENET. New original ICOM Next costs around 510 euros, I think that there is no different between it and ENET in reliability. I don’t even remember when I last time used ICOM for F-series flashing, it was over a year ago anyway.

KOMBI and NBT programming review:

I flashed several F10,F20 with 3.56.4 and ICOM A2 through dhcp and its working well.
MOST connection will be used in Exx series, i flashed also some R56 and many E91 with most connection.

Just add a router and connect the icom to it and offcourse your laptop to the router.
Open a browser and type: ip address of your icom:60080 (User name: root Password: NZY11502) and change lan setting to dhcp. Reboot icom and check with iToolRader the new ip address of your icom. It should be 192.168.x.x
Fire up ista-p and do your coding.