Faits saillants de l’original Yanhua Mini ACDP-Programmation Master

Faits saillants de l’original Yanhua Mini ACDP-Programmation Master

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Tool is designed for module programming on BMW, MB, Audi, etc. Programming can be done without soldering but with security.

1.No need to remove chip!

2.No need to cut the line!

3.No need soldering!

4.No need to lift the pin!

5.Selftest function for adapter connection.If dont connected well,the software can not be
continued and avoid the data lost because of the touch problem.

6.Lowest risk and high protection

7.Data repair for FEM adapter

8.Every product is with soldering video to help

Here we share some pictures of Yanhua MINI Acdp


If you dont know how to connect , you can click the “Help” icon, there is a video to show how to connect



When the connection is well, you can use ACDP  to do a selftest to check if all connection is well or not

Once one is not well, the software will not continue and the original date will be saved and not be lost

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