DS708 originale sur la promotion livraison gratuite

Original  Autel MaxiDAS® DS708

LanguesAnglais, if you need other language, please contact customer service.
Highlight: Original touch-screen tool
Wifi: Oui
Bluetooth: Non
Mettre à jouren ligne, one year for free.
Open authority: No.different item number with different language
Operation System: Windows CE
Memory: with 4GB SD memory card
CPU: ARM9+ARM7 Quod-core  processor
Mise à jour: one year free update online,after one year USA and Canada Customer Update Service 695usd/Year, Other Areas Update Service 500usd/Year

Q:Can ds708 change nissan mileage?
A:Sorry, this tool can not change mileage,you can choose digimaster 3,digimaster 2,or TaDigiprog 3.

Q:Is your ds708 an original one?
A:Yes,it is.

Q:Does it update free?
A:In one year,it is free. After that, 500usd per year.

Q: Cette version ds708, françaises?
A: Oui, il a françaises.

Q: Il peut être mis à jour? Comment?
A: Oui, il peut mettre à jour en ligne, un an gratuitement.

Q: It can work on Australian cars, like Ford, Toyota, Mazda, and Chrysler?
A: Yes, it can work on Australian cars, and can work on Ford, Toyota, Mazda, and Chrysler.

Q: What’s year range of vehicles does maxidas ds708 cover?
A: We offer the Autel maxidas DS708 scanner can do most cars before 2008 and some other new cars after 2008.As to the car list please check the item description webpage right above.

Q: It can read and test fault code on ABS, airbag and engine for my nissan primera 2.2 dci
A: Yes, it can do this

Q: The system prompt to me the memory card is not enough, what should I do.
A: You can delete some old software which you do not need to use again, or you can delete the old software when update.

Q: What the difference among maxidas DS708, X431 Diagun and X431 master in supported car models?
A: There is no big difference in the supported car models, all of the three tools are universal diagnostic tool which cover most world-renown brand cars. The difference is that Autel DS708 generally work with the car until 2012 year, as for X431 DIAGUN and MASTER supported vehicles years, it depends on the specific car models.

Q: Do you have any device which supports diagnosing for many car models? And even work with OBD1 compliant cars.
A: yes, we have, like: Autel DS708, X431 Diagun III, GD860, ADS-1S.

Q: Maxidas DS708 support making key?
A: No, it doesn’t. DS708 is diagnostic tool, not support programming key.

Q: Does Maxidas DS708 support changing brake pads in Volskwagen Touareg 2009?
A: No, DS708 doesn’t do, it is only a scan tool for basic diagnosis. Advice you use the professional tool to change brake pads.

Q: Does DS708 have Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Table?
A: No, DS708 doesn’t have. But after reading out the trouble codes, the meaning of the DTC will go after it as this picture shows.