Difference between Digimaster III and OBDSTAR X300M

Digimaster III belongs to YANHUA brand and X300M belongs to OBDSTAR brand


There is no big relationship between this two brand.

But both of them have important mileage change product

What’ s the similarity of this two ?

1.both are the original brand goods

2.both can be updated online.

3.Nearly with same function.

4.Both can change the mileage of the car models in year 2016

But what’s the difference between them ?

1.Digimaster III is more complex than X300M, when useing digimaster iii, you may take off the dashboard and soldering

But X300 no need, it is connected with OBD

2.Digimaster III needs to be registered on official site before using, but X300M can not

3.Except mileage correction function, Digimaster III can do BMW and Benz keys. But X300M  is without this function.

4.Digimaster III can do large amount of vehicles, but X300 have limitation.

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