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Volvo Tech Tool Cleanup Tool Download Free


Free download Premium Tech Tool cleanup tool, for failed installations:!zodHVZyb!gk–FvJx_wgJ1Knxf8v71pd4-y3Gvzq7W5UlcSVOwHc

With Tech Tool cleanup tool, you will clean up bad installation so that you can install clean version.

For newbies: to buy Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5.86 with FREE installation & activation service.Now, many Chinese vendors sell Premium Tech Tool crack and offer free service like this as far as i know. is one of them. I am using PTT 2.5.86 from them now… includes 3 parts: tech tool(for diagnosis), dev2tool(for programming) and visfeed(for reprogramming).


Volvo Tech Tool 2.5.86 software includes:

Last official version Volvo TechTool 2.5.86 Development maximal authorized
* Full Techtool Activating (For all volvo brands !!!)

* Last ACPI+ update for standard and for development AND special DESIGNER user !!!

* You can Choose User ID like: A123456 or M555555 OR TECHTOL OR ANY OTHER..

*You can choose your logo or name to stay in techtool

*NOT DLL PATCHED registration. Real registration for Techtool

Dev2tool (for programming parameters on older trucks)
Developer tool Acpi+ Ultimate pro v3 (for programming parameters on newer trucks)
– Connection on real vehicle – NEW Version

IS editor Encriptor/ Decriptor
Visfeed + Volvo xml editor + instriuction
Parameter description for all version (2 3 and 3 version ) -New Version
7.Volvo/ IS File Encryptor/Decryptor

Dtc error info – New Verison –
TT old electrical system converter tool

Super iCOM V2016.4 SSD WIN8.1 Software Udpate Informations

SUPER iCOM Updater User Manual
• The SUPER iCOM Updater is special tool for authorized SUPER ICOM
user, and this tool is for upgrade only. We do not pay any
responsibility if you update other software.
• The SUPER iCOM Updater must run inside SUPER iCOM system,
please do not run in your own local system.
The entire authorized users are able to find the serial number [SUPER2015XXX] in
your mobile HDD, and password [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx] in the password envelope which
come with the SUPER ICOM tools.
Upgrade ID: Your serial number
Upgrade password: Last 8 digital numbers inside your Password envelope
How to update my system:
1. Double click the Super ICOM Updater icon on the desktop
2. Input the Serial number and password
3. choose the version you want to upgrade
4. wait for the download process finish
5. Install the update files.
Other Details:
How to find my password if I lost the Password envelope?
You can click the forget password and input necessary, we will verify your
info and send to your email with new password.
How to renew my account if it is expired?
You can click renew button and input the new code which you could
purchase from our local dealer.

How to use the Linde Doctor and Linde Canbox Diagnostic Cable software?

How to use the Linde Doctor and Linde Canbox Diagnostic Cable software?

Linde Canbox Software:


There two softwares. For the old cars, you need to use the :“Linde AC” and “Ltd_V2_0017_EN”.
For the new cars, try the rest “Pathfinder2013”,“Adobe Reader v7” and “How to install”.

Linde Doctor Software:


For the Linde Doctor, it can use “Linde AC”, “Linde AC.rar” and “Ltd_V2_0017_EN”.

Best Linde Canbox and Doctor Diagnostic Cable 2 in 1 2014 Version!

Best Linde Canbox and Doctor Diagnostic Cable 2 in 1 2014 Version!

Linde Canbox and Doctor Diagnostic Cable 2 in 1 is the combination of the New Linde Canbox USB Diagnostic Tool and the Linde Doctor Diagnostic Cable. The price is much acceptable. It takes with the functions of the two cables.

Linde Canbox Software Language: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, French, Czech, Swedish,Turkish
Linde Doctor Software Language: English

Linde Canbox and Doctor Diagnostic Cable 2 in 1 Supported Linde Model:

1. Electric truck (E) 324 ,334 ,335 , 336 , 337 ,
2. Diesel / LPG truck (V) 350
3. Pallet stacker (L ) 379 , 372 , 141, 139
4. Pallet Truck 360 , 141 , 144 , 140
4. Order picker ( N+v ) 149 , 014 , 377 , 4516
5 . Reach truck ( R ) 113 , 115( CANBOX)
6. Tractor ( P ) 141 , 126 , 127

Linde Canbox 2 in 1:


Shop now:

Multi-Di@g Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Multi-Language Heavy Duty FAQ

Multi-Di@g Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Multi-Language Heavy Duty FAQ:

Q1:What DAF truck models WAS MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS support diagnosing?
The following models are supported: 65CF 75CF 85CF 95XF CF65 CF65IV CF75 CF75IV F75 F65 F55 F45 CF85 CF85IV F85 F95 LF45 LF45IV LF55 LF55IV XF105 XF95.
Beside DAF truck, MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS also support diagnosing more than 60 brand trucks like MERCEDES BENZ, MAN and SCANIA, including 1000 electronic control systems. MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is the most powerful diagnostic tool for heavy duty and bus; it covers all European trucks, buses and light vehicles. Multi-Diag truck is developed in Europe, the data is absolute accurate

Q2:What electronic control systems of DAF trucks WAS MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS support diagnosing?
A2:The following systems are supported:

ABS C, Anti lock braking system
ABS D, Anti lock braking system
ABS E, Anti lock braking system
ABS/ASR D, Anti lock braking System
ACH-EA, Auxiliary Heater
As Tronic, Gearbox with electronic control
DIP-4, DAF Instrument Panel
DMCI, Multi-Controller Injection
DTCD, Digital Tachograph
EAS2, Exhaust gases treatment
EBS 2, Electronic Braking System
EBS. Electronic Braking System
ECAS 2 4X2, Electronically Controlled Air suspension
ECAS 4, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECAS-1, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECAS-2 6×2,Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECAS-3,Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECS-DC3, Engine Control System – DAF Cummins
ECS-DC4, Engine Control S]/Stem – DAF Cummins
EST-42, Retarder
EST-52, Retarder
Service-2, Maintenance
service, Maintenance
UPEC, Unit Pump Electronically Controlled
Vic, Vehicle central computer
vic-2, Vehicle central computer
VIC-3, Vehicle central computer


Q3:What function MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS support for DAF trucks?
A3:MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS supported function for DAF trucks: Diagnose, Messwearte, Ecu Date, Stellglieder, Steuergerate-Daten, Parameter, Kalibrieren, Rucksetzen, Manueller Prozess. For more details about MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS function list, please check the column “technical support” or the “Related Download Files”.

Note: Because the truck electronic system updating cycle is a little long, usually it will spend 3 -5 years until the new function is released, therefore, even in 2015 but your truck was manufactured in 2012, our MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS will still work with your car. However, we will keep developing for our users the newer and reliable software with new function.

Q4:Does MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS only diagnose trucks?
A4:No, not only trucks, except trucks, MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS also support light commercial vehicles, special vehicles, tractor, agricultural vehicles, trailer and bus. For more specific supported models, please download from our column “Technical support/service” or under “Related Download Files”.

Q5:What language MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is available with?
A5:MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is available with 17 common languages from more than 180 countries.
Language available:
English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portugues, German, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Serbian, Danish, Finnish, Polish

Q6:Is MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS only a multi-functional diagnostic tool for truck, bus and engineering vehicles?
A6:No, MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is not only an original diagnostic tool whose DTCs and data stream is absolute accurate, it is even more like a heavy duty encyclopedia, as Michelle and Alldata, Multi-Diag trucks also contains maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters.

Q7: Can MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS replace NEXIQ USB-LINK In the function?
A7:No, NEXIQ Usb-link, DGTECH DPA5 and CAT CA2 are all RP1210A/B compatible devices; they are American standard and mainly work with American vehicles. MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS mainly work with the famous European and Russian vehicles, MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS also work with a part of American vehicles.

Q8: Compared with the other tuck diagnostic tools, what advantages MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS owns?
1)Compared with the American OTC Genisys EVO, which is more powerful in working with American vehicles and OBD protocol vehicles. MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is more powerful in diagnosing European heavy duty, such as: Germany Mercedes Benz, MAN, DEUTZ, Sweden Volvo, Scania, French Renault and more models.
2)MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is developed by the cooperation of Actia and JALTEST, and MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS hardware is also designed by the same master who also designs JALTEST LINK hardware, but Spanish JALTEST LINK is more attentive to hardware. Besides with best hardware, Actia MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS software is also the best in the world, therefore, it will be amazing to troubleshoot truck trouble with MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS.

How to slove the Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 software expired?

How to slove the Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 software expired?

Cummins Inline 5 Insite is a PC-based software application that provides quick and easy access to your engine’s electronic performance information, which enables faster service turn around times.

Question: Hi, Shelly. My Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 prompts software expired problem. It asked for update. How can I do?

Answer: Please set the computer date to be 2015.1.1. If the Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 still ask for the activate. Send the ID for activate. (Attention: If the Cummins Inline 5 prompts expired after using many days, do this again.)

SDP3 Scania VCI Truck Diagnostic tool VCI Update Error Second Solution!

SDP3 Scania VCI Truck Diagnostic tool VCI Update Error Second Solution!

Scania VCI 2 diagnostic tool replaces older Scania VCI 1 tool and designed to work with latest Scania trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. Scania VCI 2 supports language from: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and so on.

When you come to setup 7, copy the “SCOMM_SSK.dat” and the “SCOMM_SSK_HL.dll” to replace the file in the driver C. Then connect the Scania VCI 2 interface with the car, run the Scania VCI 2 software. If it prompts “Software VCI is not the latest version. Click OK to install new VCI software”, copy “SMAPI.dll” file to driver C to replace the old “SMAPI.dll” file.


More SDP3 Scania VCI information, check on:

Scania VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner Wifi Setting

Scania VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner Wifi Setting

Scania VCI3 is designed to support all Scania diagnostic systems based on CAN network, it’s a extremely fast yet very compact diagnostic tool. And the Scania VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner can support wifi wireless diagnosing.

Please connect the Scania VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner with the cars before setting wifi.

1. Open the laptop wifi connection.
2. Find the Wifi name of the Scania VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner: “VCI3_SN7041”

3. Click Connect button.


4. Check wireless network connection 4 properities – Networking – Internet Protocol Version
5. (TCP/IPv4) – obtain an IP address automatically.

6. Open the scania vci3 software connection option and connect to wireless VCI.

7. The scania vci3 wifi connection is ok.


Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 Version FAQ

Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 Version FAQ

Q1: Volvo VCADS has no USB cable, then which cable to connect with the computer, how to connect with the car?
A1: No, Volvo VCADS has no USB cable, it has COM cable, please input the COM cable into the computer COM port and communicate with the computer.

Q2: How to update Volvo VCADS Pro?
A2: Once we have the newest software, we will send you via CD or via Email.

Q3: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B) VS Volvo VCADS (SH10).
A3: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B) can diagnose the truck with 16pin diagnostic socket; Volvo VCADS (SH10) can’t do, as the following picture shows.
There are 3pcs of cable connected with the car: Volvo 14pin to 16pin cable, Volvo 8pin to 16pin cable, RSR32 to 16pin cable.


There are 2pcs of cable connected with the car: Volvo 8pin cable and Volvo 14pin cable.


Q4: The Volvo VCADS software works ok on windows XP. but the control unit will not connect to the laptop. The com connection is ok.
When I plug the unit into the truck diagnostic port the power light comes on and the blue USB light flashes very fast in a random sequence.
I have connected it through the RS232 lead and the RS232 light on the control box does not light up at all.
I have a message saying “ERROR 10104
Communication problem with control unit or vehicle
No connection through the USB cable at all.”

A4: It is the COM PORT setting problem, your computer COM PORT should be set as the same as the software COM PORT.
We have video tutorial to follow in the CD or free download on our website.

Q5: What’s the difference between SH10-B and SH10?
A5: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B) can do 16pin car, Volvo VCADS (SH10) can’t do 16pin car, also these two VCADS User ID is different.