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2017 Nouvelle arrivee I-2016.1 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device No Need Activation

Multimarque Diagnostic ACTIA MULLERMulti-Diag ACCESS XS

ACTIA MULLERMulti-Diag ACCESS XS is a high performance equipment, il diagnose all major brands, and is a user-friendly software that will quickly make you a “Pro Diag”!


Top Reasons to Get Multi-Diag Actia

1. Recognition of the vehicle from the OBD connection
2. All the Crafts on one screen
3. “Express Diag”: In 1 click the complete diagnosis of all calculators, printing a customized report with all identified faults.
4. Diagnosis of hybrid, electric, Stop & Start vehicles
5. “Expert” mode: Advanced computer diagnostics, physical measurements, configuration operations
6. Troubleshooting from the fault code: links to technical documentation (diagrams, step-by-step guide to the faulty component …)
7. Manufacturer Links Euro5

Multi-Diag Features:

1.High performance equipment diagnose of all major brands: Renault, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Alfa Roméo, Seat, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Skoda, Toyota, Lancia, etc…
2.Optional interactive links to a wide choice of technical documentation software (Autodata, Vivid, etc …).
3.Exclusivities signed by ACTIA®: The “right-of-way” access to all diagnostic functions according to workshop logic with the Multi-Diag® business mode (+ an expert mode for advanced computer diagnostics, physical measurements and configuration operations is also available) .
4.Automatic identification of the vehicle as soon as the tool is connected to the diagnostic socket.
5.The Express Diag function to obtain the complete electronic vehicle balance with diagnostic report with a single click.
6.The annual “updates and services” subscription
7.Updates: Multi-Diag® offers 3 updates per DVD-rom each year to integrate the new vehicles, new functions and the latest innovations ACTIA®.
8.Connected: Multi-Diag online services are available at any time to fully exploit your tool. Take advantage of the latest innovations thanks to Internet updates, more and more efficient support, a tailor-made service package, personalized follow-up …


1. All maintenance and repair operations

– Reset maintenance indicators
– Read/Erase fault codes
– Read parameters (graphical representation)
– Test actuators
– Configure the calculator,
– Coding (Injectors, electronic tire valves…)
– Calibration and self-learning… Etc.

2. Diagnose the main vehicle systems: injection, ABS, ESP, Airbag, automatic transmission, air conditioning, central computer, dashboard, comfort systems, tire valves, immobilizer, direction, steering, etc…

3. On more than 45 brands:

Alfa-Romeo, Audi, Autobianchi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroën, Dacia, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Proton, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, SSangyong, Subaru, Suzuki-Santana, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Zastava…

4. Connected Services:

Connecter “” to receive personalized information and access the many online services:
– Latest Updates Vehicles and Systems
– Online Help Topics
– Support requests directly by e-mail
– Remote control of your tool
– Accessories available to complete your Multi-Diag equipment
– Track your online subscription
– Technical and commercial information to fully exploit your diagnostic station


For More installation informations,pls browser the following  Youtube Video

New I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device Support Win7 System

New I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device
Top 4 Reasons to Get I-2015 J2534:
1. Latest Version: V2015.01
2. Support Multi-languages: French/ Spanish/ German/English/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Bulgarian/ Croatian/ Czech/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ Hebrew/ Hungarian/ Polish/ Romanian/ Russian/ Serbian/ Slovenian/ Swedish/ Turkish
3. Support 23 Brands Updated, 5300 New Systems
4. Operating System: Windows XP; Windows 7 32bit
Software activation Notice:
1. Must disconnect network when install the software.
2. Must watch our installation video when install the software and drivers. (Please contact customer service to get the installation video)
3. I-2015V Multi-Diag Access J2534 needs activation, after installing the software pls send ID (format is only 31-xxxxxxxxxxx) to us, we will send the activation code.
For more installation video,pls click here

How to solve the Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru Software expired problem?

How to solve the Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru Software expired problem?

Customers: Hi, Shelly. I installed the Multi-Diag Access J2534 software as the video showed. But the software showed software expired. Do I need to update the software?


1. Uninstall the Multi-Diag Access J2534 software on your PC.
2. Download this file on your PC from:
3. Install the software by the steps by following the description part:

More help needed, contact

I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru Software Free Share!

I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru Software Free Share!

As the newest version for the multi-diag j2534 series, the I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru software may can not run sometimes. Today we share the free software download.

By following next steps to correctly unzip file parts.
Step 1: download all parts
Step 2: choose all .zip parts, right click and unzip to current folder
Step 3: choose all .rar parts, right click and unrar to a folder.
Step 4: you can check all files in a new folder.

Tips: Close the anti-virus software. Please note,anti-virus software can flag up this product software as having a virus.

Why to check the software driver after installation?

Why to check the software driver after installation?

Most of the customers may have the problem with the OBD2 device software installation. Once the problem showed, the first you need to check is the software driver. Why? Because the software driver is one kind of the mark to check if the software installation completed.

Today, we will show you where to check the I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 driver.

Open the computer management. Then see if there is one driver like the picture showed. If it has, it means that your software installation is right and you can use the device.


Why I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Update-fail to Download VCI?

Why I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Update-fail to Download VCI?

After I entered the activation code and connected I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 to the vehicle, error information below appeared. I did not connect to the network and update it manually. There is also no anti-virus software on my pc.

Here are some error screenshots:
Screenshots: update-fail to download VCI, please check if VCI connects your vehicle and laptop.


The same mistake appeared when I reinstalled Multidiag I-2014.

So how to avoid this mistake?

Solutions Offered:
1. Customer VCI should be A070026.
2. Make sure that the diver of Multidiag I-2014 is installed in a right way.
3. The equipment, Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru should be connected to the vehicle correctly.
4. If all above is normal, there may be something wrong with your computer or I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2.