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W204 Mileage Correction via OBD: Digiprog 3? VVDI MB? FVDI ?

W204 Mileage Correction via OBD: Digiprog 3? VVDI MB? FVDI ?
There are lost of threads talking about Mercedes-Benz W204 mileage correction.Some use Digiprog 3
odometer programmer,some use VVDI mercedes or FVDI commander or original AVDI .SO, which one should
be best for W204 km change?
Here list some good questions and answers between forum members. Read them fistly

Q:w204 possible only dash?
A: Not possible only dash

you have to do dash and can-filter.
or use digiprog or elprosys or abritus72 or enigma

Q:Any one done 2014 by OBD?
A:Use can blocker,make backups and never will have problems..

Q:Anyone done Mercedes W204 2014 by OBD?
if yes, what tool can do this

Q:digiprog 3 and fvdi, which better for W204 mileage ?
A:I killed one with fvdi,it crashes,the ZGW will need recoding.
I do not recommend using fvdi on w204
Have better change with digiprog 3
i did 2012 with it

Q:How to make right on w204 with fvdi ?
A:Original equipment or solder can blocker.

Q:Any good experience of digi ?
A:I did a few 204 212 with digiprog 3 v4.94,no problem.

Q:How about AVDI for 204?
A:I’ve got AVDI ORG but can’t do 2013 W204
but yesterday i killed also the ZGW of one W204 2011 the first time
have smok tool to repair this until you done backup
i don’t know if you can do it 2014

Q:Cluster was changed in car.
How do i have the cluster automatically go back to original mileage ?Only
tool i have is VVDI MB BGA tool. Thanks.
A:for W204 through vvdi mb
if you want to bloack km synchronization between EZS and dashboard,you need
backup CGW(gateway 0 EEPROM and FLASH before write km

Q:Anyone tried with Smok ?
A:I’ve got now smok Merc
so i try and cant do first time error when Erase Flash
so i write the flash and eeprom back and then i try again all GOOD job done
smok tool its the best for this price

AVDI cant write flash back after first problem-smok done easy

In summary
Digiprog3 programmer should be the best solution of Mercedes W204 odometer mileage
through OBD.Within 5 minutes and no need dissember the dashboard.
Attach some photos here…the W204 2009 model






So easy to OBD correct mileage using digiprog.W204 2009 success!
Note: there are some guys who claim they have done W204 2012 with digiprog.
but also some others said 2013 didnt work.personally,i wouldn’t try ezs with digiprog of
2013 model.
if it reads tacho then it’s okay,and use can blocker.
this would be a cheap option.

Digiprog III 4.94 Successfully Tested and Failed Car Model

Digiprog III 4.94 Successfully Tested and Failed Car Model

“Ok” means the car model successfully changed mileage by V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master.

Worked Car Model:
1)For VW, Audi, Skoda vehicles:

Passat 2007 —> OBD OK
passat 2011 work obd 5 min
passat 2012 work obd
passat cc 2012 work obd
Passat 2011 menu dash diag -2012 read ok/write ok /3 minute.
passat 2006 dash work
passat 2011 work by OBD

Tiguan 2007 —> OBD OK
tiguan 2009: ok test Many Time always ok
Tiguan 2011 OBD no problem, takes about 10 minutes

Jetta 2013 take golf 6 on car list. Work fine 2 minutes
jetta 2012 work obd
jetta 2014: ok test Many Time always ok

Skoda Superb (3t) II 2009y only by obd less then 5min
Skoda Roomster 2009 —> Diag work Perfect
Skoda octavia 2009 1.9tdi instrument ok, ecu ok, dsg reset ok
SKODA Fabia 2009 obd ok. fabia -diag-read ?-write ok. (digi4.94)
skoda superb 2011 nec+24c64 obd works fine.

audi a4 2010 obd ok, audi a3 2010 obd ok
A6, 2009 work OBD, 4-5 minute.
no problem with audi a3 for now 2011 and 2010 doing ok by obd

Volkswagen Eos obd2 ——ok
vw eos 2007 —> Diag obd2 work

Golf 6 2012 obd ok
golf 2007: dash and dsg ok
golf mk5..ok
Golf 4 MM Just open dash en look voor 24C** it takes 2 minutes

300 m 2009 ok
wrangler 2012 ok
VW evoque 2012 work by OBD
Seat MII 2013 —> OBD Work

2)For BMW vehicles:
BMW E46 2004 —> 35080 Clip Work

3)For Ford vehicles:
Ford Fiesta 2012 —> OBD OK
Ford Fiesta HCS12 —> ST48 Work
2012 Ford Focus – 95320 – by ST1 work ok

4)For Mitsubishi:
For read & write correct Mileage use
Mitsubishi Outlander 93C86 V2 —> Work Perfect on Peugeot 4007 2012

5)For Mercedes Benz:
w211 2005 dash via st60 read ok/write ok/ezs sync blocked ok.
E39 m5 dash done with digi using st47
MERCEDES w210 E – DB 4_99 with Stecker 10 , ok!

6)For Opel:
-Opel Vivaro 2013 —> EEPROM Clip work 93c76
-Astra J 2011 work by OBD.
-Opel Insignia 2014 —> OBD Work perfect

7)For Fiat:
Fiat Grande Punto EVO 2011 dash– obd OK…. fiat doblo
Fiat Ducato 2012 work perfect OBD
Fiat Doblo 2009 —> OBD Work perfect 1 sec. Job

8)Other models:

Galaxy 2008 new model by the OBD ok
Successfully made chevrolet orlando like a opel insignia

Digiprog read/write 35080 for 100%.

Range Rover Evoque 2013 via obd ok

Nissans: 2002 Altima 93C66 OK in circuit with Murano; 2001 Xterra 93c56 OK unsolder with Patrol

Toyota RAV 4 2007 —> eeprom clip 93c56 work

– Made : sportage 2012
Swift 2014
Ranger 2010
Prado 2006
Runner 2006
Navarra 2012

All eeprom on board …i did NOT try obd
– salvage Yard
nitro 2009 ok
patriot 2013 ok
2015 xtrail does work with digiprog 4.94, chip 93c86 worked a treat
volvo s80 2008+ work good 10min.

Failed Car Model:
Digiprog V4.94 cannot work on some
Digiprog 3 can not do some Golf 6 and Polo Dash by obd.
Digiprog 3 can do only VDO dash Golf 6 by obd, not Magneti Marelli.
A3 sportback 2009. killed
Focus 2011 not work

Digiprog 3 to change mileage for Ford Mondeo 2007 24C16

Digiprog 3 to change mileage for Ford Mondeo 2007 24C16

For the V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer, there are three ways to change tachometer mileage: by OBD2, dismantle dashboard, dissemble chip etc. Here introduces one way to do Ford Mondeo mileage correction with V4.94 Digiprog III. If you fail to correct mileage by OBD2, then try another way around.

V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer
Ford Mondeo 2007 24C16
Plug: ST01
Dismantle Tacho

1. Identify Chip 24C16
2. Desolder Chip 24C16
3. Clean Chip 24C16
4. Set Plug ST01 cable on Chip
5. Red cable on pin 1
6. Pin 1 bottom left
7. Choose vehicle in digiprog iii
8. PKW/LKW—Ford-Mondeo-2007-24C16
9. Data Backup/Data restore
10. Data Back up EEPROM
11. Chip type
12. Read data
13. Write data
14. Or Data restore EEPROM
15. Load data
16. Write
17. Connect replace tacho
18. Choose vehicle program
19. Enter KM value and confirm entry
20. Programming operation completed