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How to adds Toyota G Chip tokens to CN900 Mini key programmer

CN900 Mini key copy machine manual: how to add Toyota G chip tokens for auto key programming with CN900 Mini.

Site for mini cn900:
Site for CN900 mini G chip token service:
Site for G chip tokens recharge:

STEP 1. Login your member on the cn900 mini official website, click on ” Personal Center”.



STEP 2: In my account, please click ” My Device”.


STEP 3: Click “Bind the new device”


STEP 4: Fill out Equipment Model, serial number, purchasing date and remark


STEP 5: After you bind the cn900 mini key programmer, please back to the home page, select ”product list” and click on “Device activation”
STEP 6: click on “TOY-G Chip Recharge”,
open your shopping cart
select the purchase products
Check out
STEP 7: Fill out order information (Receiver address, payment way, express delivery are required)
NOTE: when you select the device, please choose the one which you binding, and fill out the check code. If you have no yet binding device, please click “Device Management”, and operate according to step 3 and Step 4.

The procedure of opening 46 funtion for ND900 and CN900

I had bought a CN900 programming tool and wants to do 46 function.

But when i use it, it ask to open authorization.

And how to open ? i had asked customer service from eobdtool. fr , she offered some steps and a picture to tell.

The following is the steps and picture to share

1.Connect device and laptop via USB cable ,then connect power and start
2.Click “Connect” and the serial number will be appeared on the left corner
3.Click”Update” and message about the newest version will be appeared
4.Click” Camera”icon on the up right corner
5.After finishing,pls provide serial number to open 46 function.
Once opening,click”UPDATE” again and wait for finishing.


How to register toyota g box on CN900

How to register Toyota G chips Cloner Box
1: Login CN900 official website: and
down load the newest update softare.
2 : please connect cn900 to PC, and power on, then open the
update softwareconnect-cn900-2 , click”CONNECT” button, it will display
SN and version on the lower left corner of the window,it means the
cn900 connect to normal. Form as below:

cn900-firmware-update-2-13.Click” Udpate” button,update the main module of firmware

click-update-button-3 click-update-button-3-1
4.There are three steps for updating,pls keep CN900 connecting well.After updating,the number of version will change.Pls connect Toyota G box to CN900, then click

72g-box-4you will see the picture as below:



5:How to identify the cn900 was registered Toyota G box or not? If the cn900 was not registered G box, please check picture 1; If the cn900 was registered G box, please check picture 2, it will display the Serial number of the G box. After registered successfully, this Toyota G box can not register to another cn900.




6:In the back side of the Toyota G box, you can see the sercial number(picture 1), please input 8-digits into the edit box.(picture 2 and picture 3).Register successfully. (picture 4 and picture 5).








7:after registered successfully, please power off the cn900, then power on. Open the CN900 update software,Click”CONNECT”—click”72G-BOX—click “Search72G-BOX”(picture 1), and test that whether the Toyota G box was connected well with cn900 (Picture 2).If register ok, it can work normally, if not, please re-register by steps




For more informations,pls go to

How to use CN900 Auto Key Programmer to register Toyota G Chips Cloner Box?

How to use CN900 Auto Key Programmer to register Toyota G Chips Cloner Box?

1.Download the Update tool of the CN900 Auto Key Programmer.

2.Connect the Toyota G Chips Cloner Box with CN900. And the CN900 needs to connect with PC.
3.Open the Update tool. Choose “72G box”.  Then the G Cloner Box series number will be automatically recognized. Check if the series number is right.
4.Click on the button “register” as the picturecn900-register-toyota-g-chip-box-2.
5.If the series number bellow is the same with series number recognized, it means the registration is successful.

6.Click on the “Search 72-BOX” cn900-register-toyota-g-chip-box-4  to check if the CN900 Auto Key Programmer has registered Toyota G Chips Cloner Box. If the data is the same, it mean all finished.