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How to Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

* Programming Control Unit

* Set Code Control unit

Control unit measures can be selected as follows:

* Click on the control unit under the tab “Control Unit Tree”

* Under the “TAB Edit Control unit”, either by direct selection or by clicking on the control unit.

Menu “Programming”

To execute the vehicle programming/setting code, do the following:

* Use ista/p to read vehicle data.

After you create a new dialog, display the tips for “dialog preparation”

* Follow the tips, record when necessary, confirm button “OK”

Show the dialog box “whether the control unit has been replaced”

* Confirm button “No”, exceptions see “replace (update) control unit”

Establish a connection with the vehicle:

The vehicle details are displayed after the specified associated environment has been successfully identified. Displayed under Menu “Programming”.

1 Menu “Programming”

2 Integration Level (actual), showing the vehicle’s current integration level

3 Open code status, used in vehicles or necessary opening code status

4 progress bar, showing the process of determining the action plan

5 final processing, showing ProgMan or ista/p version, through which the vehicle is finally processed.

6 Integration Level (factory), showing the integration level of vehicle production

7 Tab “Vehicle Details”

Tip: If there is no action for the specified associated environment, the button “Confirm Action plan” is not activated.

tab “Control Unit Tree”:

The control unit tree according to the topological structure, the image displays the control unit which the vehicle installs. Each control unit is displayed with the corresponding bus connection. The combined control unit is displayed in a light blue area.

1 Menu “Programming” 2 Tab “control Unit Tree”

3 Button “Choose the total set code”,

Vehicle Total Setting Code selected

4 Button “Cancel action”, the measures determined in the associated environment are deleted

Tip: You can directly perform measures that are not affected by the integration level (such as hard drive upgrades) without writing to the integration level. “Cancel action” on this confirmation button. Delete all measures determined by the associated environment. Integrated level-related control unit measures may not be selected manually.

tab “Edit Control Unit”:

1 tab “Plan processing”

2 programming, programming the control unit

3 Code, set code for control unit

4 replacement, replacement (update) control unit

5 replacement post-processing, subsequent processing of replaced (updated) control units

The measures available to the control unit are different. Depending on what measures are defined, the control unit may vary.

Select the control unit and the screenshot after the” tabs action” list:

1 Tab “Action list”

2 Icon “Measure failed”

3 icon “Action Missing Prerequisites” 4 Icon “Warning”

5 icon “measure Success” 6 Icon “measures in progress”

7 Icon “Planned software measures” (for example, set code)

8 icon “Planned hardware measures”

Select the tab “action list” to display planned measures that include the appropriate status.

Select the control unit, the screenshot after the TAB “control unit Information”:

1 Menu “Programming”

2 Tab “Action list”

3 button “Determine Action plan”

The “action list” is a summary of the form of the planned action table. These measures are also shown in the “Action plan”. Also displays hints about the control unit (for example, the control unit is not programmable).

Menu “Vehicle”:

By switching to the menu “vehicle” You can add the following measures to the plan:

* Modification and retrofitting, see “refitting and retrofitting”

* Vehicle operation (HDD upgrade, see “Upgrading Navigation System Map data”).

xt-transform:none;font-style:normal;font-size:9.5000pt;mso-font-kerning:0.0000pt;background:rgb(255,255,255);mso-shading:rgb(255,255,255);” > after the TAB “control unit Information”:

1 tab “Refit” to show available modifications and retrofitting

2 Tab “Vehicle operation”:

* Upgrade navigation system map data (HDD upgrades)

* Input Vehicle Task

* Select the total set code

3 Menu “Vehicle”

To select other measures (programming, setting code), switch back to menu “programming”.

:none;font-style:normal;font-size:9.5000pt;mso-font-kerning:0.0000pt;background:rgb(255,255,255);mso-shading:rgb(255,255,255);” >* Modification and retrofitting, see “refitting and retrofitting”

* Vehicle operation (HDD upgrade, see “Upgrading Navigation System Map data”).

xt-transform:none;font-style:normal;font-size:9.5000pt;mso-font-kerning:0.0000pt;background:rgb(255,255,255);mso-shading:rgb(255,255,255);” > after the TAB “control unit Information”:

ISTA/P v41 download for BMW E60 CIC programming

Only way to do CIC programming on BMW E-series is to use Win KFP expert mode. Also it will be quite hard to find ISTA/P v41.!h8wDiI5I!iOgwqkSLm_RykIQtxdg5LQ


(E89 file is not need but can cause problems in e60)

This is an Overwiew to downgrade E60 ECE CIC.
Look at this, it explains a lot

Free download Full SP-Daten v41, no password or other crap:


Overwiew Data E60 CIC ECE

In Tool32 run the job:

My bet is it will return 7 – programming session active for CIC.

I guess as nothing happened during the ISTA flash your CIC is stuck in bootloader mode.

CIC is made up of 3 parts which must be flashed in correct order (obviously ISTA does this automatically but I’ll explain it as it may help you solve the problem).

63 -> 62 -> A0

The numbers refer to ECU addresses so…

A0 = CIC

Bootloader / program / data

I think only an ICOMA+B / Opps unit will you be able to recover this CIC by reflashing with ISTAP. Only 62 can be flashed with K+DCAN. The complete package requires MOST (ICOM B) correctly configured.

Hope this helps…


– Can i use this tutorial for my E63 coupe 03/2008 635D CV16548 ?

Yes, if you have retrofitted CIC and combox. This tutorial is for CIC and car must also have combox to get apps. I added specific chassis models to the guide.

– Can i use “interface” fonction in DR GINI software (B13 version) for configure ICOM for MOST_ASYNC_ab625 and write EDABIAS.INI file ?

Probably yes. I have never tried with dr gini, I always use easy connect. You want to configure ediabas.ini for remote:most_async_ab625 so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, if the software gives you an opportunity to configure ediabas.

– ICOM selection + MOST selection : it’s good choice?

Yes. Interface must be ICOM A + B(or OP(P)S). No matter what you read from internet or hear from someone else, K+DCAN cable can not be used. Do not even try, it will fail for sure.

I still remind, you must have some knowledge about winkfp use. This guide is not for those who have never used winkfp. Start with basics, downgrading cic is not basics.

Flashing an ecu is always an risk!!
Only flash when it’s necessary!


pas cher V2017.3 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P avec Engineers Programming Windows 7 System

pas cher V2017.3 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P

Compatible with BMW ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3.ICOM PRO+A3

Software version:

ISTA-D 4.04.12


VIN: 2017.02.13

Not connected 9000 days remaining

BMW ETK: 2017.2

BMW KSD 09.2016 Multilanguage

With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS, WinKFP, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 60.0.6), BMW FSC code generator and BMW AiCoder

Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

System Requirements:

Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Support Model:

It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.

Package List:

1pc x 2017.3 BMW ICOM HDD 500G

New Arrival WIFI Version BMW ICOM A3 Without Software

New BMW ICOM A3 Professional Diagnostic Tool Hardware V1.40.05 Get Free Wifi
This is ICOM A3+B+C+D, WIFI version
Stronger stability, heat dissipation is better and better quality hardware.
Light weight, small size, more compatible.

BMW ICOM A3 Special Features Compared with BMW ICOM:

The modified BMW ICOM A3 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity.Robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments.

ICOM A3+B+C+D Function:

1. A3- OBD diagnostic supporting MOST, D-CAN and K-CAN protocols
2. B – diagnostic via MOST bus, and have connection to A-interface via USB connection.
3. C – 20-pin cable for old models.
4. D- ICOM-D Motorcycles Motobikes Diagnostic Cable

BMW ICOM A3 Features:

1. BMW ICOM A3 Hardware Version: V1.40.05
2. Support Vehicles: BMW Cars, BMW Motorcycle, Rolls-Royce, Mini Cooper
3. Support BMW All Series Diagnose and Programming
4. Device main board contain WIFI chip, package come with WIFI adapter. Support wireless connection between ICOM A3 and laptop. But when you do programming, can not use WIFI, it is not as stable as cables.

new-bmw-icom-a3-professional-diagnostic-tool-with-wifi-3 new-bmw-icom-a3-professional-diagnostic-tool-with-wifi-7

ICOM A2 Network Connection Setup User Manual

This is all about network connection (wired or wireless) setup for ICOM A2 diagnosis with ISTA+ or programming with ISTA/P. All situations you may encounter are solved here.

*****Part 1 Wired connection when ISTA-P programming
it’s better to use Lan cable to connect to network instead of wifi, for wifi is not stable sometime and cannot start programs ISTA-P (ISS-NEXT)

how to connect to network via Lan cable?
method 1: PC – router – ICOM
connect PC to the router, then connect ICOM to router
method 2: ICOM – PC
Directly connect ICOM emulator to PC
*****Part 2 Wireless/WiFi connection when ISTA+ diagnostics
you can use wifi during diagnosis with ISTA+. but sometimes, the connection will be cut off automatically and program prompts you to continue connection

Wlan settings
go to ICOM Configuration Manger, and select Wlan settings-> Security type:WPA2 personal. the password should be the same with that of router. then save data and unplug and re-plug the Lan cable to connect to icom. it is impossible to diagnose via wifi if password is not set
(NOTE: this is not for USB WiFi; USB wifi comes with password and router setup)

what to do if WIFI fails to connect?
1.go to VCI settings, then select “HO-ICOM/NET”, NOT Ediabas Itool Radar to change ICOM IP address
3.find out IP address:
4.then go to “Confort Module” to change ip

how to solve “Reserved”
during diagnosis, if the state is “Reserved”, it means the program is occupied. to exit the program illegally should be remain Reserved and cannot go to diagnostics.

when you meet with “Reserved”, please unplug the ICOM mux or close at Easyconnect, then “Reserved” turn to be “Free”.

go to Easyconnect Utility to set IP address:, Mode: DiagBus, then click “ICOM Lock” and “Check” to check the battery voltage and ignition

how to solve “Firmware”
if the state displays “Firmware”, it means the ICOM firmware need to be updated
Steps to update China ICOM firmware:
1). Use your cable and connect ICOM to port
2). Power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC
3). Use your browser (IE) and browse
User name: root
Password: NZY11502
4). Click “Update Firmware”,and you can find the version of firmware.
5). Select ICOM-BootImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to “SYSTEM”, click “Send the file”
6). When it will say “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then the ICOM led it will been RED
7). When it will say “The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successful”, click “Update Firmware”
8). Select ICOM-Application Image-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to “APPLICATION”, click “Send the file”,the file is big so it will take some minutes to finish have patience.
9). When it will say “Write the image file to the flash?”, click “Yes”, then the ICOM led it will been RED again
10). When it is ok, click “reboot”.

How to use PSDZdata files between Ista/P and E-SYS

Here are some optional solutions offered by ICOM A2 uses to share PSDZ data folders between ESYS and ISTA P.

Possible reason for this:
Having two sets of the files seems to waste 50GB+ of hard drive.

Popular ways:
Steps to create a symlink:
1. Delete Folder which should contain additional PSDZdata
1. Start CMD with elevated Adminrights.
2. execute ‘mklink /D C:\PATHtoSYMLINK C:\PathtoPSDZdataFolder’

* That is just an example. Of course you have different folders you have to copy. So you should also link every needed folder
* Some one also use this cmd to create the symlink: mklink /J c:\Data\psdzdata C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ISTA-P\BMW\Services\data\ecudata\psdzdata –> After this, E-Sys will always use the same psdzdata as ista/p.

Easiest way:
-Delete The psdzdata folder in c: / data
-in Win 8 or Win10 on Search Search CMD (the DOS box)
-Start Of CMD with administrator rights
-Eingeben of
mklink / D C: \ Data \ psdzdata C: \ Program Data \ BMW \ ISPI \ data \ TRIC \ ISTA-P \ BMW \ Services \ data \ ecudata \ psdzdata