BMW X5 E70 Fault Code 29F4 29F5 Working Solution

A BMW X5 E70 3.0L 2008 model year with a burning on the dashboard, the CHECK ENGINE indicator flashes and failures:

29F4 – Catalytic-converter conversion
29F5 – Catalytic-converter conversion (Bank 2)


Poor performance of the catalyst, decided to cure a dynamic version of the firmware.

How was the process of chip tuning BMW X5 E70 3.0L

The engine in this vehicle control unit controls the Siemens MSV80 . For reading and writing of EEPROM unit used KESS V2 master ecu programmer , which work indiscriminately passed ECU through the vehicle diagnostic connector.


The process is not fast, so be sure to connect the charger.


KESS V2 connect to the car.


Read the firmware of ECU.


And records the dynamic version of the software, with a fall in the rate of toxicity.


firmware version is optimized for standards Euro2
allows the complete removal of the catalyst and a second oxygen sensor
reduced opening temperature of the thermostat at partial loads, from 110 to 100 degrees Celsius
turns off the fuel supply of 7200 rev / min
maximum power increased from 272 kW to 305 kW
Torque increased from 315 Nm to 353 Nm