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How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus to Test 2016 Ford F150 Key Programming?

OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 X300 DP Plus is a universal ke programming tool which cover thousands of car models.

And it is also can support models to year 2018

Here we share how to use DP Plus to do key programming for Ford F150 2016

It is Ford F150 Models

Firstly, Connect X300 DP with the car via OBD connector.

Insert a new key into ignition loc,switch ignition on,press ENTER to continue

YANHUA Porsche BCM Key Tester

Porsche BCM Key Tester Function

  1. Integrated interface board makes installation simple and efficient.
  2. It can detect whether the current key remote is working.
    Pressing the key button, when the green light lighting, it indicates that the current key remote is working.
  3. It can detect whether the current key can start the car.
    Placing the key on the induction coil and pressing “TEST”.
    When the green light lighting, it indicates that the current key can start the key

for more operation details ,please check youtube link

How to Update Humzor NexzCheck NC501 ?

Here we share some tips on how to do the update for NC501.

1.Download and install the”NEXZCHECK SETUP” software on a PC from Humzor official site””

2.Click the “Check Update” button to check if there is a new version for upgrade.

3.If there is a new versiono,then click the”Download” button

4.Connect NC501 to PC.In case of power failure,press and hold any button of the tool to connect the USB cable until the screen lights and appears’UPDATE MODE”

5.Click the “EnumPort”button to list the serial port number of the current vehicle

6.Click the “Burn Software” button top start burning. Need to wait the progress 100% completed, then can plug the device out

Here is the tips for the update.

And also with update image

How to install V188 Can Clip for Renault

Recently, CAN Clip for Renault release new versio V188

It is compatible for B and D version not all.

Here we share some images about installation.

1.Insert the CD to computer, click “Crack Renault Clip”

Click “Yes” to continue

Open V188 File and Click “Setup”

Click“I agree” and select country

Select Language you want.

Click”Install” and go on

Clik”Clip” on desktop

How to Exchange CG BE Key Points to Token for CGDI MB Password Calculation.

Every CG BE key comes with free 200 points.Every 200 points can be exchange to 1 Token for CGDI Prog MB passwrod online calculation

CGDI CG MB BE KEY pro support All Mercedes FBS3 315MHZ/433MHZ

But how to exchange points to tokens ?

Step 1: Step 1: In CG BM Monster Software, Select “Key Points”

Step 2: Insert the BE Key into MB Monster

Step 3: Go to Online Store and Click Key Check,it will show” Key Point not collected”

Step 4:Click” Collect Points” and success message appeared

Step 5:Click “Credits exchange” and it will ask for” do you want to exchange converted”?

Step 6: Click”Yes” and the exchange will be finished.