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New Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder is a good locksmith tool. It can open a car in 10 seconds when you forgot or lost your car key.

Here share how to read key code with New Type HU66 decoder.

Detailed steps to read key code:

Take out the New Type HU66 cap

Insert the New Type HU66 into car door lock correctly

Rotate the white button to the bottom of the device

Then turn the device left and right to open the door

Test successfully

CGDI MB W211 original key hopping code repair

what’s hopping code ?

Hopping code: Most of the keys are too fast to be inserted
and removed, and the track code does not roll, resulting in
code hopping, so that the key and the lock cannot be
matched properly.

Use Mercedes monster to repair, the specific operation is as follows:

  1. First you need a key password.
  2. Calculate the track code of the key.
  3. Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.
  4. Calculate the erase password and erase the it.
  5. Load the EIS data with the password.
  6. Click “Allow modification of data.”
  7. Change the track code of the key position to the track code of the
  8. Write data.
  9. Learning key

Need to use the tool below

  1. First you need a key password, If there are no keys, you can calculate the password by doing all key lost.

2.Calculate the track code of the key, click to read the key/chip and read the
current information of the key.

3.Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.

4.Calculate the erase password and erase the lock, let us get the
erase password first.

5.Click on the load EIS data saved before with the password.

6.Click “Allow data modification”.

7.Modify the track code of the key position to the track code of the key

8.Write the EIS data

Insert the key Wait 1-5 seconds, the ELV responds, the EIS
activates successfully, and the key learns successfully.

Support the key to read and write, you can directly re-match
K-line EIS do not support this repair method.

Xtuner Testeur de circuit nouvellement publié PT101

Xtuner Testeur de circuit nouvellement publié PT101

PT101 Features:

Protection design for safety

Read results on the LCD screen

Read results on the LCD screen

Circuit tester with multi-function

Four diagnostic modes for 12v ・ 24v

Support multiple vehicles and after-sales warranty

Large and colorful LCD screen, easy to navigate the user menu

Supply power and ground for functional component test

AC-RMS, AC Peak to peak, frequency and pulse width for signal test

Digital voltmeter with min/max voltage capturing

Displays up to 60 volts and resolution of 0.01 volt

8 amp circuit breaker protection, automatically reset, no button to push

20 foot power lead and extra 20FT extension cable

Ergonomic housing design with rugged and water resistant specification

Some customers wants to know the difference between PT101 and Autel PS100

Here is the difference

Nouveau CGDI CG Pro 9S12 Programmeur Freescale Version complète (Nouveau CG100) mis à jour à la V2.1.3.0

CG-Pro V2.1.3.0 NEW

1.Immobilizer, added support

Benz EIS-906 (ST12)

2.Dashboard, added support

Ford FOCUS 5M5T10849ER

3.Intelligent Computer, added support

Jaguar / Land Rover RFA-SPC560B60L3(DFLASH) 

Jaguar / Land Rover RFA-SPC560B60L3(SHADOW) 

4.Others, added support

Benz S350 - Left Backdoor Module

VW Golf-6 Radar module

5、Chips, added support

Motorola - 9S12 
















Freescale - MAC7XXX











6、Chips, added decrypt support(Automatic identification of whether decryption is required)

Motorola - 9S12 

    9S12H128 decrypt

    9S12H256 decrypt

    9S12K128 decrypt

    9S12K256 decrypt

    9S12XD64 decrypt

    9S12XD128 decrypt

    9S12XDG128 decrypt

    9S12XD256 decrypt

    9S12XDQ256 decrypt

    9S12XDT256 decrypt

    9S12XDG256 decrypt

    9S12XDT384 decrypt

    9S12D32 decrypt

    9S12DP512 decrypt

    9S12DJ512 decrypt

    9S12DT512 decrypt

    9S12C32 decrypt

    9S12C64 decrypt

    9S12C96 decrypt

    9S12C128 decrypt

    9S12GC16 decrypt

    9S12GC32 decrypt

    9S12GC64 decrypt

    9S12GC96 decrypt

    9S12GC128 decrypt

7.Generate Key, added support

Aston Martin DB9 _2004_77014 

Ford Escape_2001(77014) 

Ford Explorer_2004-(77014) 

Ford Fiesta_93C56 

Ford Fiesta_95P04 

Ford Fiesta_2007(95160) 

Ford Fiesta_2009(9S12) 

Ford Focus_1998_95P04_DST40 

Ford Focus_1998_77012_DST40 

Ford Focus_1998_77014_DST40 

Ford Focus_2007_93C56_DST40 

Ford F_series_100_93C56 

Ford Fusion_2007_93C56 

Ford Fusion_2007(95160) 

Ford Maverick_77014 

Ford Mondeo_2000_77014 

Ford Mondeo_2001_95P04 

Ford Mondeo_2001_77014 

Ford Ranger_93C56 

Ford Taurus_2000_77014 

Ford Transit_2000_95P04 

Ford Transit_2000_77014 

Ford Transit_2003_77014 

Ford Transit Connect_95P04 

Ford Explorer 2007 93C86 

Ford Fiesta 2002...2008 

Ford Fusion 2002 93C86 

Jaguar S-Type_MC68HC11 

Jaguar S Type MC68HC912 

Jaguar X-Type MC68HC912 

KTM 690 990 1190 9S12 DST40 

LDV Convoy 2000 95P04 

Renault Megane 2000 68HC705 4D 4E 

Chevrolet  Epica  2003  68HC705 

Chevrolet  Evanda  2003  68HC705 

Chevrolet   Lacetti 2005 ST7 

Lincoln LS 2000 MC68HC11 

Chang'an benben 95040 

Daewoo Lacetti 2006 ST7 

FAW Group Besturn B50 95040 

FAW Group Besturn B70 95040 

Hyundai Accent 2004 93C56 

Hyundai  Coupe 2005 93C66 

Hyundai  Elantra 2005 93C66 

Hyundai H1 2001 93C56 

Hyundai H200 2001 93C56 

Hyundai SantaFe 2006 93C56 

Hyundai Sonata 2003 93C56 

Hyundai Starex 2002 93C56 

Hyundai Terracan 2001 93C56 

Hyundai Trajet 2000 93C56 

Hyundai SantaFe 2005 93C66 

Hyundai Sonata 2005 93C66 

Hyundai Tiburon 2005 93C66 

Hyundai Tucson 2005 93C66 

Hyundai Tuscani 2005 93C66 

Infiniti Q45 2001 S29190 

Isuzu KB250D 93C66 4D 

Kawasaki Mitsubishi 21175-0079 24C04 

Kawasaki Mitsubishi 21175-0158 24C04 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0046 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0053 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0097 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0098 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0109 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0173 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0170 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0227 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0220 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0272 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0341 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0363 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0356 93C66 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0789 93C86 

Kawasaki Denso 21175-0811 93C86 

Kawasaki Mitsubishi 21175-0017 24C02 

Kia Rio 2001 93C46 

Kia Sorento 2003 93C56 

Kia Sephia 1999 93C46 

Kia Sportage 2001 93C46 

Kia Carnival 2002 93C56 

Kia Magentis 2001 93C56 

Mazda 2 2003 93C56 

Mazda 2 2009 9S12 [DST] 

Mazda 2 2009 93C66 

Mazda 3 Dashboard 93C56 

Mazda 3 Dashboard 93C66 

Mazda 5 93C56 

Mazda 6 93C56,66.24C02 

Mazda 6 2005 93C86 

Mazda B3000 ECU 2001 95040 

Mazda CX-7 93C66,24C04 ID63 

Mazda CX-9 93C66,24C04 ID63 

Mazda  Demio 2009 9S12 [dst] 

Mazda  RX-8 24C02 

Mazda  Tribute Dashboard 2008 9S12 

Mazda Tribute ECU 2004 93C56 

Mazda Tribute ECU 2006 95040 

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 2009 93C66 4D 

Mitsubishi Montero 2000 68HC805 

Mitsubishi Pajero 2000 68HC805 

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2000 68HC805 

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1999 68HC805 

Nissan NATS-5 

Scania R470 

Subaru Forester 2004 24C01 

Subaru Impreza 2004 24C01 

Subaru Legacy 2005 24C01 

Subaru Tribeca 2005 24C01

Suzuki Alto 2002 24C01 4D

Suzuki Ignis 2000 24C01 4D

Suzuki Jimny 2003 24C01 4D

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-15H00 93C66

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-15H30 93C66

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-23H00 93C66

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-37Hx0 93C66

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-38Hx0 93C66

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-47H00 93C66

Suzuki Motorcycles 32920-41G50 93C66

Yamaha Immo Moric S29190 

how to activate 96bit 48 of mini keytool ?

Firstly,Customer can free activate the 96bit 48 clone in Xhorse APP if they buy the vvdi mini keytool ,and customer can get every token per day

Secondly, Customer need log in the app and link the device to the account, then go to shop for activate
the function

Remark: That activation is only for vvdi mini keytool , and customer also can use the points to do the caculation , it will charge 100 points for each calculation

How to Active CGDI MB Benz ?

Here is the steps to tell how to active CGDI MB Benz

Step1:Click “Online Store”

2.Step2:Select Service Version according to your actual needs.

Step3:Please Note: It can not changed it once the version is selected,please choose it carefully.