2018 New Arrival Renault Renolink OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer

Renolink is a professional programming device for programming electronic control units in Renault and Dacia vehicles,  including new models recently produced.
Renolink has many features like UCH matching, airbag programming, engine ECU programming, key coding, key deletion, dashboard coding, eprom and flash reading and writing in Renault and Dacia vehicles.
The works you can do with Renolink programming device:
– Eprom read / write
– ECU Resetting
– Clear Crash Airbag
– Airbag reset
– Airbag Virginize
– KEY Programming
TDB (cluster)
– Indicator Programming
– ECM Programming
– UCH Programming
EPS Virginizer
– EPS Resetting
You can connect Renolink programmer device to vehicles via OBD socket, and you can make programming easily and delete memory and introduce units without disassembling ECU, EPROM and flash drives. Thanks to the Renolink, you can easily virginize and re-program the parts like UCH, motor bracket, indicator, airbag module, fuse table, which are installed new or used ones on the Renault and Dacia vehicles.

Renault Renolink Fonctions:

la correspondance UCH
la programmation des airbags
la programmation du calculateur moteur
le codage des clés
la suppression des clés
le codage du tableau de bord
la lecture et l’écriture flash dans les véhicules Renault et Dacia

Les travaux que vous pouvez effectuer avec l’appareil de programmation Renolink:

– Lire/Ecrire Eprom
– Réinitialisation de l’ECU
– Effacer la collision d’Airbag
– Réinitialisation de l’airbag
– Airbag Virginize

– Programmation de clé
– TDB (cluster)
– Programmation des indicateurs
– Programmation d’ECM

– Programmation d’UCH
– EPS Virginizer
– Réinitialisation EPS

Package includes:
1pc x Renolink OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer
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Logiciel Affiche renault renolink 1.52
renault renolink 1.52
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