Reviews from customer about VAS5054A PASSTHRU

Here my VAS5054A Passthru results so far:

VAS5054A with Techstream looks OK, have connection and can read parameters end do actuations. Only when i want to do customized settings te “select customized Parameter” tab shows no parameters at al(empty field). No mather what Function i choose. This happens also with my xhorse MVCI red board so maybe i wil try an older version of techstream.

VAS5054 with ScanXLpro is also working tested on my BMW320D with K-line.

VAS5054 with Volvo VIDA is not working VIDA says that it is not compatible with J2534-1 interface when i try to connect. (Just like you said Mr Fantomel)

VAS5054 with BMW Rheingold is also not working. I might be doing something wrong. The TEST of the VAS becomes green when connected to the car and the LED on the VAS5054 blinking when i try to connect with rheingold. Also the VAS responds when operating INPA (LED Blinking) but can’t connect to anny module. This is just for playing for me because i have ICOM clone.


Some bad Chinese vas5054a clones need a lot of rework to support 1850PWM and 1850VPW protocol

Fake OKI, missing A5780a, reverse chips, wrong memory frequency etc.

You should have a genuine vas5045a or a decent cloned unit.

A working vas5054a board (genuine or a good clone) should be like this







Attachment: Different Toyota and HDS install Kits!5wQ0UDJJ!BFnI-KgJurqgceVUe5wweQ

Test HDS maybe will work also :)

Install your VAS5054A passthru driver.
Download download and install now the Honda HDS
Finish your installation…
Connect VAS5054A to PC and 12V(car or on bench)
Load your HDS > click on the famous F12 button and choose your VAS5054A Head.
Connect your VAS5054A to the car then to your laptop & start your work…

Test Toyota Techstream on mid 2000s cars and vans.

Install Techstream
Install PassThru drivers for VAS5054
Connect VAS5054head to PC and 12V.
Open Techstream and configure interface.