Renault can clip V156 nouveau mise a jour

Renault can clip a mis à jour V156 maintenant.

Quelle est la différence entre cette version et la version V154?

Ce qui est nouveau pour cette version:


Renault CAN Clip V156 setup instruction:

Part1. Renault CAN-Clip Registration
Insert DVD Can clip_V156 into computer, open “Can clip_V156(E:)”, copy “Renault CAN-CLIP Registration (Patch V3)” and paste it on the desktop, then open it. Click “Crack Renault Clip” to make sure registry.

Part2. Renault CAN Clip V156 first installation
1) Go to “Can clip_V156(E:)”, you will find the “Setup” is abled, just open it

2) Click “First installation”, agree to accept the agreement, click “Next” to select the country and language you want

3) Select the manufacturer “Renault” to install.

4) Click Next to install VNC CLIP, the system will automatically install untill you get a windows reading “Welcome to the Windows resource kit tools setup wizard”, click “Next”. Following steps are easy, just click “Next” to complete.

Wait untill it automatically complete install all the required application.

Finish first installation.

Part 3: Clip Registration
1). Right click folder “Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0” on the desktop, open it.

2) Right click icon “Clip” on the desktop for properties, click “Find target”, right click “RSRWin” then click “Cut” and paste it to the desktop. Open folder “Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0” and copy “RSRWin” and paste it into C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application.
3) Open “RSRWin” to register. Please enter here the unlocking code you are given by the SPX Helpline.
Use this Key for Registration:
registration successfully

4) Copy “RSRWin” at the desktop and paste into C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application, click yes to replace the existing one.
5) Register complete.

Part 4: Plug Can clip interface into the computer
Plug Can clip interface into the computer via USB port, if you run clip at XP, you will get message ” Found New Hardware wizard”, click Next to install driver. If you run CLIP at win7, the driver will automatically install.

To check whether CLIP has established a good communication with your computer, just click “My Computer” – “Management” – “Device Manager”, then find out “Bosch Automotive Service Solution Device” – “IB-Aliance Vehicule Communication Interface”.

Part 5: diagnose Renault with Clip V156.
After done registration and driver, prepare to diagnose Renault vehicles with Can Clip.
1) Open icon “Clip” on the desktop.
2) Enter vehicle information,then click “Computer Test”
3) Computer Test
4) Select function in the menu, for example: Faults Test.
5) Erase trouble codes