Nouveau produit Renault CAN Clip + Consult 3 III For Nissan

Renault CAN Clip V156 and Consult 3 III For Nissan Professional Diagnostic Tool 2 in 1
Languages: Francais, English, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified)
Support System: Windows XP
Update by CD
Register SN: 926573
Note:  Serial number is 926573, can’t work with any security card on our website, and it is without Bluetooth.
1.The software version of Nissan is still 09.021.018.
2.Renault and Nissan can not be installed on the same laptop.
CAN Clip For Renault V156:
1. Software Version: V156
2. Support Multi-Language: Francais, English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish,  Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish
3. Update by CD
4. Best Price
1. Operating System: Windows XP
2.  Please Don’t Disassembly the Body Apart Yourself, Or We Won’t be Responsible for Repair
Can Clip for Renault Function:
1. See all the information relating to the vehicle
2. Computer test
3. Automatic test of all computers
4. Airbag test
5. Ccantool (OBD tests)
6. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
7. Physical measurements
8. Antipollution
9. Multimeter
Avec un seul outil, vous pouvez faire deux types de voitures à un prix très raisonnable.