Comment installer Renault CAN CLIP V158 sur Windows XP

Comment installer Renault peut couper V158 sur windows xp ?

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools Lite

Insert CAN CLIP 158 disk E: and open it.

Run DTLite application to install

Accept the agreement

Select Free license

Then follow the screen instruction

DAEMON Tools Lite installation success and runs automatically

Step 2 – run Crack Renault CLIP

Copy clip 158_0_2_0 in CLIP 158 disk E: to local disk D:

Open folder Activation(Patch V3) in CLIP 158 disk

open Crack Renault CLIP

Register Editor: click Yes.

Click OK.

Click OK.

Open DAEMON Tools Lite

Add image: clip 158_0_2_0 in local disk D:

Click it for Mount

Minimize DAEMON Tools Lite

close folder Activation(Patch V3)

Step 3 – install CLIP 158

Open Computer CLIP 158 disk F:

Run setup application

Click the laptop icon (FIRST INSTALLATION) in CLIP V158 interface.

Step 4 – CLIP properties setup

Open CLIP properties on Desktop

Open file location:

Cut RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X97/ Lib/ Application

Paste RSRWin application on Desktop

Replace RSRWin application in local disk C:/ CLIP_X97/ Lib/ Application with RSRWin on CLIP 158 disk E:/ Activation(Patch V3)

Close CLIP properties

Step 5- register CLIP

Run RSRWin application in disk C:

Accept the license and register CLIP

Step 6 – Computer management

Automatically install driver software

Open computer management

select Device manager->Bosch automotive service solution device->18-alliance vehicle communication interface

Step 7 – open CLIP to begin diagnosis

C’est fait